More Puzzles

We’ve had a house full today. Everybody was round at some point: Megan (who’d stayed the night), Steve, Kim, Graham, Jackie, Thom, Bekki, Paula, and Wendy. It was a good afternoon. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Graham pulled out a very old puzzle from the cupboard: Rubiks’ Tangle, although the original 25-piece version.
Rubik's Tangle
Here you can see everyone getting stuck in to the puzzle.
Puzzle time

If you look closely at the dressing table behind you can see half of the new Puzz 3D Steve has bought! 😮
3D Puzzle
Luckily he only made us do half of it today. The other, slightly larger, half will wait for another day.

By the way, if you know the solution to this puzzle (which I didn’t), you’ll know they were doing it wrong in the picture above 😉