Clean Dog

After Steve featured a very scruffy looking Pepe on his blog last week, Jan took an ‘after’ picture of him today. The ‘after’ being after his appointment at the groomers.

Clean Pepe

Doesn’t he look better?

5 thoughts on “Clean Dog

  1. Pepe is so adorable! Do you have any other pictures of him? Also what kind of dog is he? I want one!

  2. That’s a very good looking dog. My family and I have looking for a new dog for company to our beloved “mutt”. I must say that I don’t know much about that breed, but we were looking for a “poodle like” dog.
    Are they a kid friendly breed?
    I bet Pepe feels better now after being at the groomers, although I bet he didn’t much care for it!

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