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I’ve managed to address Sansom’s problem with the archives page, or at least I think I have. You can get the updated version. Sansom, let me know if this addresses the problem you found.

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  1. Hello Mike !

    It’s a great job ! I can now have my categories ascending and in the same time the date descending !
    In fact all this questions are for a french university site : http://www.revuemarivaux.org
    You can see the index-test at http://www.revuemarivaux.org/indexb2.php

    I continue to try having the date in a french format and to clean the time :

    example :

    28 Juillet 2002 – blablablablabl
    26 Juillet 2002 – blablablablblba2
    13 Juin 2002 – blablablbalbalblba3

    I have tried the b2 tags but he doesn’t work. I have tried to change the b2archives code at this line :

    if ($row->post_date != “0000-00-00 00:00:00”) {

    but nothing too :-p)

    Another solution could be very usefull and better in fact :
    The months when blogs are ordered by categories or by date, months with the year…


    Category 1 /

    June 2002 :
    25 – blablablablablablabl
    22 – blablablablablbalblabl 2
    16 – blablablablablbalbal 3

    March 2002 :

    15 – blablablablablbalbalbl 4

    Category 2 /


    You see what I mean ?

    You seem big in php, so if you like challenges, don’t stop yourself ;-)) !

    Thank you for all you’ve done,

    Sansnom (=Marc)

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