B2 Archives.

I got a comment from Sansom asking about my archives page.
Well it’s a hack of Dodo’s hack. You can get it b2archives.php here. If I remember correctly, I simply added the cat_name column to the query, then did a check for the column value changing in the output loop. The other thing I did was to plug Dodo’s changes back into the latest version of b2archives.php. Anyway check the code and you’ll see what I mean.

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  1. Yeeessssssssss ! It works greatly ! Thanks a lot !!!
    I will now try to control the display of the date : I want the year after the months and only the day number in front of the titles … !

    June 2002

    28 – experience
    17 – b2s is good
    16 – I love Coca


    If you have an idea, dont’t hesitate ! Me I just understand how to install things and correct and search on net, but I don’t know how to write php/mysql. So I am a little parasite !

    Thanks again,


    ps1: result of your help :
    (still in test)

    ps2: try “Chronic” or “Chronik” for the name of your blog. Less results in Google than “Journalized” ! (But I ignore if the meaning of Chronic in english is so much close than in french…)

  2. I have notice a bug !
    When you start using the archive hack, if you don’t blog 1 thing in each category with a different edited date for each blog, you will have problems !
    The month should appear under the name of each category, but it appears only under the first category. If you have make the other blogs the same day, the month doesn’t appear in the others categories !
    The script thinks you already know the month.
    With a different date for each first blogs, the bug is dead and the script count in each category from the date of the first blog of this category, so you can see the month under each category….

    Another thing :
    When you order the blogs by category ascending or descending, the blogs are ordering inside each category by date ascending only ! Impossible to have categories and date ordered by descending in the same time ! A futur head-dead ! ;-))

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