Wimbledon serves Linux volley

It’s always nice to hear of another success for Linux; Wimbledon serves Linux volley (from BBC News)

Following a pilot project in 2003, the internal computer network at the All-England Club has been converted to the open source operating system.

Mr McMurrugh said IBM had prepared a Pocket Wimbledon for the 60-70 PDAs that will be given to these special guests.
The PDAs, which will be O2’s XDA, will give users access to scores, statistics, biographies and plot their position on an interactive map of the All England Club.
Data will be sent to the PDAs via the wi-fi network installed around Wimbledon for the tournament. Mr McMurrugh said IBM is also trialling the sending of video streams of matches to the handheld computers.

If it all works (and why shouldn’t it after a successful trial last year?) it will be another feather in the cap for IBM and Linux.

Linux From Scratch – Kernel Problems (again)

More kernel compile problems. This time I get the error
cp: reading 'tlan.o': Input/output error
But this time I can’t find any references on google. 🙁
The file exists in the ./drivers/net/ directory, and I can copy it by hand. Strange. Ah well, I’ll try setting the build off again, now I’ve copied it by hand.

Linux From Scratch – Problem

Oh dear, I still have this error trying to build the kernel.
tridentfb.c:254: #error "Floating point maths. This needs fixing before the driver is safe."
It’s a bit of a pain as I don’t have a trident card. I guess I’ve got a module turned on that I don’t need. I’ll try to find it in the config menu and turn it off.