Hmmm… I got a couple of new (to me at least) Linux distros today on the cover of a magazine; Morphix 0.3.5 and
EnGarde Secure Linux Community Edition 2.0. I really need to get back to using Linux a little more often. Maybe I should give one of these a try. Morphix is a live CD so it should be a breeze to have a play! Time to give the servers sat under my desk a kick!

3 thoughts on “Linux

  1. mike,

    give ubuntu linux a try. it’s based on debian and runs great. i’ve been running it for about a year and haven’t used anything else since (okay, except for freebsd).

    i think you’ll really like it.

    great theme, by the way. i just downloaded it and i’m using it for my blog. the only problem i’m having is that the calendar is a little offset to the right and i can’t figure out how to move it.


  2. Hi Chad,
    This post is quite an old one now. In fact I did get back into linux and now I only have Debian on my laptop. My dual boot Redhat/Win2k desktop PC died last year and I still haven’t fixed it. So, apart from work I am now full time linux!

    I’ve added a fix for the calendar to the theme page


  3. sorry about commenting on an old post. i should have looked at the date…..

    thanks for the calendar fix! i love this theme! the hardest time that i’ve had with wordpress is deciding on a theme but i think i finally found the one i like. 🙂

    great news on being full time linux!


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