WordPress – 8 Years in the making

Wow! Another year has passed and it is now eight years since my fateful comment on Matt’s blog that kicked off this whole WordPress thing!

WordPress is now a mature CMS platform driving 13% of the web! It is used for an astonishing array of very different web sites around the world, from the humblest one person blog to award-winning education sites, celebrity sites, newspapers, and even world leaders!

WordPress is supporting a whole industry of WordPress experts, including me: I’m now in my third year as an independent WordPress specialist.

I believe that WordPress has achieved this massive success in no small way because of the fantastic community around it, the keen-eyed vision of Matt Mullenweg, and the awesome power of the GNU GPL open source license.

With version 3.1 just around the corner, I predict it will be another great year for WordPress.

24 thoughts on “WordPress – 8 Years in the making

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  2. Hang on a moment… is that Mike finally reclaiming some of the credit, for being the one who made the comment, which proposed the idea, which … fast-forward … WordPress? Hooray! At last! 🙂

    Mike – thanks. I don’t think people say that enough.

  3. I love the way you can link exactly to the point in time that WP was born. None of this vague, January 2002, or was it ’03 nonsense.

    I’ll join Simon in saying thank you too. Thank you.

      • Of course, thank your for clearing that up. I was actually thinking someone will clear that after I hit the submit button. hehe. You and Matt deserve the credit for starting this wonderful platform.

        And I can’t thank the two of you enough and also the rest of the people contributing to WordPress. More than a great CMS, WP helps a lot of people make money(me included).

  4. I am in love with wordpress, The platform is simply amazing. 13% , wow! Thanks mike for what you have done with the open source software, I’m sure I speak for most designers when I say, It’s the best thing out there!

  5. Just stopping by to say thanks for helping to launch the software that has been the focus of my full-time income for the last 3 years! Here’s to many more years of WordPress growth! 🙂

  6. WOW! This is really amazing how you can look back in the past and see all the way down to… Today!

    Your comment on Matt’s blog is a another prove that you’ve started blogging Probably before 2003 🙂

  7. I agree, the community makes it powerful. I enjoy being able to see what others are doing with the platform and appreciate how willing they are to share their tips and tricks.


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  9. Without WordPress I would still be cowering behind the sofa at the thought of ‘html coding’ and my website would never have been started. Thanks.

  10. Gratz to us 🙂

    But WordPress would still be a simple “blog engine” if it wasn’t all plugin developers that take their time to develop new features and publish them for free to all of us.

    Most of all, thanks a lot to all and each plugin developer that had enhanced WordPress in any way 🙂

    • I disagree somewhat; whilst there are a lot of fantastic plugins, providing incredible functionality, WordPress is quite capable of being a CMS on its own.
      It is perfectly possible to run a whole website without installing any new plugins.

  11. Finally Mike takes some credit for what he does 😉
    It is amazing for me to walk into a room and speak to someone who is blogging online and then ‘oh yeah, was with Mike Little co-founder of WordPress at the Manchester user group last month’ and they are like cooooool.

    Enough respect to you Mike and Happy Birthday to WordPress and many more to come.

  12. I absolutely love WordPress and I use it all the time. It is such a great content management system and it has grown so much over the years from a simple blogging tool to one that can make websites for people the much easier way without spending thousands of dollars on website designers. Big thumbs up for the people who came up with the idea and the creators. As for the plug-in designers, I would give them credit too because they helped WordPress grow from my opinion.

    R Nunez

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  14. WordPress has been my first choice because it is easy to set up, easily customizable and SEO friendly. It is quite cool for doing small CMS projects. However, once the website grows it starts to get quite messy.

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