UPA North Meeting, Manchester

I will be going to the next UK Usability Professionals Association (UPA) North meeting at Cafe Muse at the Manchester Museum on Thursday 8th December. This time we are very privileged to have Prof. Alistair Sutcliffe from University of Manchester to present the main event.

The Main Event – Alistair Sutcliffe on ‘Designing Attractive Web Sites’

“This talk will present recent research that attempts to unpack the current debate about user engagement and aesthetics in web site design… The end point, I hope, will be to foster discussion of concepts of engagement and aesthetics in web design and when such concepts are really important in delivering effectiveness and commercial success.”

If you are interested in usability, aesthetics and e-commerce and how it all fits together, you really SHOULD NOT MISS THIS!

The B Feature – Steve Potts on Website Accessibility Evaluation Techniques

Steve Potts will give a brief tour of the techniques and pragmatic perspective applied when evaluating websites for accessibility.
“In this presentation we’ll investigate how to address website accessibility evaluations from a technical perspective, highlighting the difficulties imposed by the wide range of collective technologies accessing the web, and the criteria by which we measure the objectives of an evaluation.”

Steve is a good friend of mine and someone I admire and respect. Steve’s presentation is another reason you should not miss this event.

As ever, the meeting will provide an opportunity to network, chat, have a drink and meet new people.

Venue and Date Details

  • Venue: Cafe Muse, Manchester Museum, Oxford Road, Manchester,M13 7QQ Map at http://tinyurl.com/byj4u
  • Date: Thursday 8th December 2005
  • Start Time: 6.30pm for 7.00pm
  • End Time: Around 9.00pm and then drinks at Cafe Muse and Kro Bar.
  • Cost: Free

You do not need to be a member of the UPA to attend this meeting.

RSVP: It helps us if we know how many people are coming, so please email to book using northern.usability [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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