WordPress Released

WordPress was released this morning. This release contains a security fix that is well worth having. Whilst the particular vulnerability hasn’t been officially announced, it’s not too hard to figure it out.

I’ve just upgraded the dozen or so blogs I manage and it was quite painless. There are some other fixes along with the security fix so don’t hesitate to get it.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Released

  1. Hey there,

    I just changed my blog theme to a theme of yours & I love it so much, I thought I just MUST say THANK YOU so much 🙂

    God bless,


  2. I upgraded to recently. The only problem I’ve had with it since then is using Flickr to post my photos to it, but hopefully that will get taken care of. I’m actually using WordPress MU, so it’s not possible to even change a bit of PHP. I’m hoping to get my own server fairly soon. I’ll probably run Ubuntu Linux.

  3. It was a needed fix, I’m glad it was released. I also upgraded my blog. I have a custom admin theme, the tiger theme, and it’s pretty sweet. Worth checking out =)

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