Oh Dear, Oh Dear

Sun Enters Microsoft’s Orbit

Struggling Sun Microsystems reached a sweeping, $1.6 billion settlement with Microsoft and said Friday it plans to cooperate with its longtime nemesis, a company it had branded an unrepentant monopolist

Although I’d hardly call the agreement entering their orbit. More like agreeing to stop fighting.

“Our companies will continue to compete hard, but this agreement creates a new basis for cooperation that will benefit the customers of both companies,” said Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive officer.

This, however, is beyond my comprehension:

Sun, once a shining star of Silicon Valley, also said it expects revenue for the quarter ended March 28 to be approximately $2.65 billion. The net loss will be between $750 million and $810 million, or 23 cents to 25 cents per share.

How can you take $2.65 billion in a quarter and still lose money?

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