Ear! Ear! Or Not

I’ve picked up yet another ear infection. 🙁
This time the pain isn’t so bad, but yesterday morning it swelled so much it completely closed up. I went to the doctor who gave me some ear drops. But my ear is closed up — they can’t get in! I’ll have to wait to see if they have any affect.
In the meantime the pressure is so much that not only is my hearing reduced, which is frustrating, but I have a constant white noise too.
Now that is very unsettling. Whenever the world around me goes quiet this white noise comes to the fore, its really annoying! And when the rest of the world is making a noise, whilst I can’t hear it directly it’s there in the background contributing to my hearing loss. 🙁

4 thoughts on “Ear! Ear! Or Not

  1. Mike, I imagine you know that you should recline so that the affected ear is facing up so you can let the drops try to slowly migrate down the ear canal. Trust me … I know this pain well. If you have some drops left over after you’re done, keep up with them, and try to self-medicate whenever you get the triggers that warn you of an impending infection. For me, I feel like scratching the crap out of my ear canal.

    The pain’s pretty bad, man. I hate it, too. It can be worse [you can have an infection on both sides of the eardrum and have it rupture … that wasn’t fun for me], but … totally.

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