Go Me!

Wow, it is now six months! since I last smoked a cigarette. I feel quite pleased with myself about that. Of course, Jan has not smoked for a month or so more.

4 thoughts on “Go Me!

  1. You should change your “smoked since” script to have this format: months/weeks/days — it would be more descriptive and we would really get the feel of how long it has been since you smoked.

  2. And the most important thing — how do you feel since you quit? I assume that you’ve pretty much been over the cravings for a while. Noticing how you really don’t like the smell of cigarette smoke anymore? Noticing how obvious the smell is when you’re around smokers?

  3. Hi Dougal, I feel great, but then I didn’t feel any worse when I smoked.
    I have got over the cravings, but I still have to find things to occupy me in quiet moments when I would have reached for a ciggy. I cannot say I don’t like the smell, I still find it grabs my attention in a not unpleasant way. I do notice it more now, particularly when I am out on the bike, I can smell the smokers in the cars I pass!

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