Books Catch Up

Since the last book I mentioned finishing (Year Of The Griffin), I have read a couple more: Wild Robert by Diana Wynne Jones and Schott’s Original Miscellany by Ben Schott.
Wild Robert is another children’s book by Wynn Jones; it was pleasant enough, but very much aimed at younger readers, I finished it in about 90 minutes of reading spread through part of one day. Verdict — OK for kids.
Schott’s Miscellany is one I picked up cheaply at my local Asda: It is, as Stephen Fry describes in the sleeve notes: “A fabulous collection of essential trivia. Bless you for Schott’s Original Miscellany!”. Full of wonderful pieces of information such as: Betting Odds Slang (33/1 is Double Carpet); Antiquarian Paper Sizes (Emperor, a massive 66 x 47 inches); the Victorian Timetable of Mourning (husband 2 to 3 years, wife three months); and Nouns of Assemblage (an exaltation of larks). Essential stuff for the pedantic geek about town. I just need to commit it all to memory. 🙂 Recomended!
Finally, I am about half way through Jeffery Deaver’s The Bone Collector. Brilliant so far. Having seen the movie has not taken anything away from the novel. There is, of course, much more detail of character and event, as well as a significant difference to keep me enthralled. More when I’ve finished it.