S Club United

Jamie and Bekki (and Kim and Jackie) went to see S Club United (S Club and S Club Juniors) last night at the M.E.N. Arena. It was Jamie’s (and I think Bekki’s) first concert. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Jamie was in a daze when she got back late last night. I’m hoping she will write about the gig on her blog. In the meantime I’ve put some photo’s from the gig up in the gallery. Thanks to Kim for the photos.

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  1. I live in france, I’m a french sclub fan who’s 24 years old and I went to see SCLUB UNITED the 19th april in London. I met them before the show in backstage ! they were really really cute and so beautiful ! I loved the concert but I think CARNIVAL was better ! (I went to see Carnival to) ! much kisses.

  2. I’ve seen every one of S Club tours( including box live)and every time they’ve been great.I thought it was so good.Does anyone know if it is coming out on video and when?

  3. s club 8 are the best band ever they have so much talent even they are better than blue and other any other pop group
    i am so mad about s club 8 i have all their posters albums magazines single all what a no1 fan needs my favourite s club 8 are frankie, aaron stacey,calvin and i have have a crush on aaron.

  4. hi i went to see them on the 17th of april at birmingham nec and it was absouletly fantastic. it was so amazin that i cried they were all great especially sclub 8

  5. I saw them on the 8th of april. They were
    brill. I don’t think theres such thing as
    their no1 fan. If u think u r, then I
    think yor a bit weird and will be soon
    stalking them.

  6. hi i so agree wif leanne and amy!! Calvin is HOT!!!
    I saw them on the 8th april aswell wot a coinqidinc!!

  7. i was in block 227 and in seat L 17 !! but there was a really weird person in the seat in front!!! she was shouting I LOVE CALVIN!!!
    i am only joking!!! cause i no its u!!

  8. I went to N.E.C in birmingham on 6th April and Calvin waved directly at me because I had a big poster that said ‘I LOVE U CALVIN’. He winked at me too. Incase you hadn’t realised …………………….I LOVE CALVIN!!!

  9. s clud juniors r my fave band bt calvin is da hottest thnig on dis planet. i went 2 c them n they were excilent
    did i mention CALVIN IS FINE!!!!!!! AND HELL B MINE 1 day i hope

  10. i sooo agree wiv u lot. All the boys in my form all take the mick out of me 4 liking them. I just tell them its my choice.

  11. me and my best bud indii and jodie r s club 8s biggest fans and we have 14,327 posters in all! p.s Calvin is da fittest on earth!

  12. I am s club 8 no.1 fan i think they r the best. calvin is so sexy and fit i have 14,327 posters of them with mates.i think all the girls r really pretty but daisy is my fave girl.i love they songs and they dancemoves r so groovy.

  13. Hi this is frankie s club 8 here i would just like to thank everyone who was involved in the s club united tour. it was a great thing for us to get involved with and we are really greatful of our big following. thanks so much for all your support.

  14. I just wanna say that S club 8 r da best group
    ever, im their no.1 fan! All da girls r really preety
    and the boys r all hot! ESPECIALLY AARON!!! I LUV HIM!

  15. Hiya i went to see s club united on the 17th April 2003 at the NEC in birmingham and i loved it. did anyone else go that night….if so please get in touch with me because i would love to hear from you. maybe we can swap photos if you took any.


  16. I luv SC8 caus i come were calvin comes from i got 2 meet them and + my mam knows calvins mum and we were talking to em and he kissed me in the cheek i also went to SC8’s carnival and united!!!

  17. I LUV sc8 the r mint i saw the band start then i started 2 cry! lol
    calvin is so gorgeous i wanna kis him loads lol

  18. I went to see s club united on tour and i thought it was briliant.I love s club 8 sooo much and thought they brought the house down!!!

  19. Hey ya guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think that there new song is really great and calvin looks cute in the vid!


  21. Hi @all!
    i am the biggest fan SC8 in Poland!!!!!!!
    And i am searching for some files with them
    for example eat my goal ( sc8 boys + girls) or smile interviev! do u know where i can find it??
    please email me if u know that 🙂
    it is so importand to me !!!!!
    pleaseeeeee i love them so much!!!!!!!

  22. I think Calvin and Stacey should go together they would be so HHHHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calvin and Frnkie is a NO NO!

  23. Oh ym god you guys get a life! I was gonna try out and i’m soooo glad I didn’t. They’re not gonna get proper GCSE’s or anything. Once they split no one will ever here from them again. They SUCK!!!!!! They’re like my age and like only 9-13 year olds like them. They look like tarts I saw the girls in Blackpool they look older then me. There last single only got like number 11. All of you grow up!!!!!!

  24. OOOOOOOOOooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Frankie where r u? i luv u sooooooooooooo much. i’m 17 & live in Manchester but id do anythin 2 be with u babe. hit back 2 chat sumday. luv ME. “Dont u tell me……….”


  26. Aaron is the best ever boy i cry all night every night SCLUB8 are the best ever and no they dont suck at all you suck if they do aaron is mine all mine

  27. aaron is the best looking and i hate jess i wish i wasin her plase not her thair SEXY AARON PAUL RENFREE

  28. Hi,Amy + Leanne, is it?
    Thankyou for coming onto this website, and supporting us. I hope u went to S club united tour, it was a thrill to see all our fans coming to watch us perform. Anyway i wont go on.
    see ya!!!!!!
    from Calvinx

  29. I just wanna say if ever peole diss you just forget about them and remember you true fans! I love you Calvin. I wish you all the best for the future, xx

  30. I think that all the girls look older than they actually are. They can’t sing. They didn’t even get into the top 10. Their last single sucked. I liked them at first but when puppy love came out I didn’t like them as much and now not at all cause they did a cover and I was a mssive fan of S Club 7 because they never did covers and I respected them! Then S club 8 go and do a cover. They wouldn’t be half as famous as they are now if it weren’t for S club. S CLUB ROCK!!!!!!!

  31. shut up u fish!! u cant take it dat ur rong!!
    can u
    wots da point in comin on 2 a site u dont even like dats pathetic it just shows how sad u really are

  32. Da reason i’m cumin on is b realistic!!!!!!! Instead of livin in dis fantasy little make believe world. If s club 8 go to a job interview in say 15 years and the person says where’s all of your grades they can’t say sorry i was in a band so i don’t have the ones dat u want the persons really gonna employ them aren’t they.
    I’m also just giving my opinion do you know what one is?????????? I can believe what I want to believe and nobody can change that. I don’t want anyone really to change there view it’s just people only listen to them they don’t really think about the future. In their opinion nobody is wrong so I think you’re style of English could be changed. “Shut up” again you don’t have a lot of vocab use do u.
    Pathetic me well everybody i mean everybody in my high school thats about 1500 people hate s club 8 shall I tell you how I know because some person in the year below me started a poll to see who is the band that people don’t like. Guess who came first?
    That’s what I think is pathetic I would never even dream of doing that i’m just giving my opinion and sad i’ll I can say is u don’t know me and WOT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So don’t you dare call me a fish when all i’m doing is giving my opinion and reason eh what’s your excuse for what you’ve written.

  33. i agree with A Person he/she is right and what i’ve read about, what s club 8 have said, is that maybe they should use proper launguage. To do that i would use a dictionary.

  34. If you’re there frankie,s club 8, i fancey and most of my friends do but i fancy you more. I thought i say this so you would know.

  35. Hi i think s club 8 rule!

  36. I love s club 8 they totaly rock!I love calvin soooo much (he is soooo fit!).Thier concert brought the house down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. ive loved s club8 since they first started im 16 and i no its sad cos there all younger than me but it think bein in the charts(even if ur not at number 1) is still a great achievment at that age. i think they r all amazing and the all the girls r stunnin! and stacey u have such a gd voice! aaron i love u! ur sooooo sexy and a gd dancer but id love 2 hear u sing a bit more cos i no uv got a gd voice 2! xxx

  38. hi i love s club 8 i have loads ‘n’ loads of pic of them and all there songs i think that all the people out there that don’t like them should not be on this site i would love to meet them all the best nikkixx

  39. OK. Sum of u pple r really big fans of aaron+frankie+calvin+stacey BUT WHAT ABOUT JAY???????????????????????? No-one evr says jay is fit or cool i wanna say he rox!!!!!!!!!! Same with rochelle!
    I luv da girtls clothes

  40. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 9ive written a story
    It woz at a disco and the whole sclub 8 gang woz there
    calv aaron + jay woz there
    they wer eyin up a fit gal wiv long hair
    Suddenly a slow song came on
    “Go on frabky ask calvin!!!!!!!!!!” All the gal;s yelled cause they know frankie had fancied calvin for ages.
    meanwhile the blonde girl had walked up 2 calvin.
    “wHATS URE NAME?” He asked.
    “U like dancing?”
    They hit the dance floor. Mellissa woz great at dancing.
    At the end she gave Calvin her number and suddenly they kissed… just ads frankie came round the corner…

  42. Hey!It’s Farah here n i’m from Singapore…I wanna give a shout out 2 s club 8 that they are the coolest band in THE WORLD!!!!luv u guys!!!
    ps:are u guys not gonna come down 2 Singapore?i wish u guys would…and btw calvin happy bilated b’day n luv ya!!

  43. They don’t seem too nice in mags they seem o.k but not too nice i think they’re a little up themselves. no offence!

  44. Dat is suprising i wunt worry bout it. i don’t like hannah anyway i do like calvin dough and i’m glad he was nice but just 4 get bout hannah she int dat gr8

  45. Hi i think s club 8 are fab expectally CALVIN GOLDSPINK HIS SO GOURGOUS.I saw them on the 12th of november but not in consert i saw them in the capital disney studio my uncle matt james works there he was interveiwin them so i went to see them there i spoke to CALVIN aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh he was so cute got there autographs and every thing even a pic and had lunch in a restrant with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    K8 4 CAlv 4ever”£$%^&&*()()*&&%%$£!!%£^&$

  46. I’m a fan of s club 8. In now it’s lookalikes and calvin is compared to alex parks. I thought that was sooooooooo funny. It likes says they both need to brush their hair. I want calvin to cut his I liked it in the new direction, puppy love, fool no more vid. I think in sundown it was too long form my liking. I LOVE AARON!!!!!!!

  47. call me misteryz.Well i think i’m the only fan from Brunei, a small country in south east asia…First time i saw s club 8, whoa ‘SWEET’ i like it a lot..I like both s club 7 and 8…
    They’re new album…to me…its an explosion…I LIKE IT A LOT…
    ofcourse i can’t tell nobody about i like s clubs a lot…
    cause they kind of like rapping music…
    Me?i don’t care i like lots of different kinds of music especially rock…
    So s club 8 u show the world like how s club 7 rock the world…

  48. hi im s club 8s biggest fan because i have i mean thousands of posters and pictures all over my wall. and plus i have all albums and singles but my biggest wish is to meet them luv ya amy age 12xxxxxxx

  49. hi im s club 8s biggest fan i have millions of posters and pictures, i hav all albums + singles.by the way Calvin ia sooooooo sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and daisy is really pretty c ya luv mali age 14

  50. I don’t like them either. I guess I just don’t think kids of there age should be doing this. Your teenage years are the best days of yer life and i’d hate to be stuck in a little rubbish band. NO OFFENCE MEANT!

  51. I couldn’t find it. I fink i remember my sis telling me dat frankie was goin out wiv sum guy called matt i fink it was. I’m not sure dough or was it james?

  52. i would just like to say that i am s club 8 BIGGEST fan ever. i would love to meet them all. Calvin is soooooooooooooooooo sexy n fit!

  53. Frankie this is for u! where i live we dont call it snog so our parents dont no wat we are on about we call it trap!

  54. yeah i do you’re really lucky m8. I think she’s really really pretty. My lil sis she’s a massive fan u c. So she mentioned it to me casue she knows I like frankie. Is it still alrite if i like her?

  55. Hi emma from aberdeeb no i don’t think that we can stop people from saying nasty stuff casue it’s what they think and everyone likes different music

  56. frankie but its not fair on u guys people sayin mean stuff though, do you think that you could email me on somthin cause i want to ask you and tell u someyhin in private?

  57. hi frankie iam your biggest fan and u r the best and the rest of the band pleas email me back it would mean alot to me

    matthew xx

  58. for Frankie! See as i live in Aberdeen, would it be possible for me to meet calvin when you guys get your next braek? this would be my dream come true

  59. matt can framkie not give you his numba? i will but i just wanted to no why u want it from me? from a BUSTED HATER

  60. I Love S Club 8 but there getting so slutty ,their skirts are up their asses .Well I think dat anyway and so does like loads of people.They all LOVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!themselves .

  61. well why on dat site does cynthia know frankie and said she doesn’t and cool boy who you said id you admitted it??

    Emma from aberdeen wotever!!!

  62. It dunt matter but luk i’ll copy adn paste it from dat site if you don’t believe me!
    Cynthia246 2004-02-25 02:58
    cool boy u are not Frankies bf. 1. coz he’s not allowed 2 come on an sc8 site unless he poses as a fan 2. Frankies bf does not come on forums boatsing bout snogging her 3. U DO NOT HAVE A PIC OF FRANKIE IN THE SHOWER,e ven if u were frankies bf s he wuldnt let u co me into the bathroom while she woz showering.
    So stop faking, its getting annoying

    p.s. I asked Frankie about this

    cool boy 2004-02-25 15:55
    ok im not its only because i really really fancy her.she is so fit.do u have her e mail addy or mobile number if u dont tell me tell her what i said plz

  63. Hi to all the fans,
    sorry i aint been on here for a while. I’ve been busy. Emma it’s really nice of you to care about me like you do but you’re starting to scare me now ive just read yer messages. Sorry!!!

  64. Oh my goddddddd!!!!!!!I love S Club 8 to pieces .I really wish they could come to N .Ireland to perform because they have never come over to perform .All my mates love them .All the girls in S Club 8 are really pretty and Calvin if your out there .Loads of girls from County Down Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve U .U are the biggest ****in the whole wide world.We love u 2 pieces .And Frankie iss you read this I Love your style in clothes its sooo coolllllll!!!!

  65. sorry calvin if i scare u but i really am a huge fan! ur biggest1! my mate gave me ur mob numba! i have tried fonin it! she nos ur mate. i also have ur house but i am not that sad to actually phone ur house, i really really fancy u! u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy.

  66. i htink sc8 are the popular band in the world, also many people disagree on me coz they think that sc8 r babies.Yeah right!I wish i could meet the band there self and escpically Calvin,oh no i meant Calvalien, that’s a nick name for Calvin that i made up.I only made the name up coz the cute Calvin beleives in ALIENS.See ya. Luv u sc8

  67. i htink sc8 are the popular band in the world, also many people disagree on me coz they think that sc8 r babies.Yeah right!I wish i could meet the band there self and escpically Calvin,oh no i meant Calvalien, that’s a nick name for Calvin that i made up.I only made the name up coz the cute Calvin beleives in ALIENS.See ya. Luv u sc8

  68. I think they’re good too even though they’re not the most poular band cause the top 3 are busted, coldplay and darkness. I wonder where S club 8 are?

  69. S club 8 are number one in my books and most o my mates think that they are ace too. but they think i am way way tooooooooo crazy over calvin. well, dont i have a right to be? hes sooo fit

  70. hi i just want 2 say im emmas m8 and we are CALVINS biggest fans eva in the whole WIDe worlddddd !

  71. hi my best mate mali is s club 8s no1 fan but how can she like a band like them their songs are sooooooo childish not even a baby would like their songs especially automatic high how pathetic. She is madly in love with calvin the ugliest boy on the planet she has wrote his and daisys name all over her bedroom you can hardly see it anyway because her 2398 posters are covering it.bye bye from pinks no1 fan Amber age 14xxxxxx

  72. hi guys hope you liked our last single dont tell me your sorry!gota go now and do some recording!loadz of luv hugs n kisses Stacey xxxx

  73. i have met stacey she is so pretty!and anyone who dosent like em so feel sorry for themselves coz they r da best i luv you 4eva!love ya loads CHLOE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  74. yeah there songs were soooo babyish to start off with but now i agree with the person who said their skirts are up their a***s! They look like 17 year olds. Even i don’t wear stuff like that!!!!!!

  75. hiya everyone!!!i just wanna thank you all for your suport!! you´re all very important to sclub 8!!THANX!kisses

  76. that girl that just said she was frankie is it really you cos the last time you were on no one could email you but now you can but it comes back FROM MAILER DAMEON

  77. Hiya i just wanna say that i went 2 see sclub and sclub 8 in concert and they were both gr8 i love sclub 8 and i like daisy the best cause she is so pretty and hannah is so cute n sweet, and calvin is just lush like any would say that cause they know its 1000% true c u again soon hope to here from u and hi daisy u should remember me i went skool wiv ya in the juniors but i moved in year 4 and havents seen u since love u all loadz Lisa Nixon, Age 14, Heath Essex xxxxxxxxxxxxxx c ya soon

  78. Hiya every 1 and thanks 2 u all 4 all of ur support and hiya 2 lisa i do remember u and can’t wait 2 meet u again cause i avent seen u in ages love ya loadz and how is ur cuzin doin’ sam nixon i love him aswell say hi 2 him frm aswell ok love daisy in sc8 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  79. hi ppl dis is cassie speaking i would like 2 say that calvens dad went 2 school with my mum i went 2 his concert on da 20 april and me and my mums birthday was on da 25 april !my mum say u walking down lowestoft beach with ya mum but i missed u becos i was in da sea so i reaally would like 2 see u becos u my fav boy as well as aaron and jay plus i really luv da girls as friends ok and i hope u get dis message but would be really cool if u write back plz plz luv cassie x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  80. Hi guys,
    I actually have never been on here before but calvin and frankie tell me about it so i decided to log on whenever i’m at home and not too busy with schoolwork. We’re all really busy at the moment with things i can’t say at the moment.
    Keep a look out all the best,
    aaron x

  81. Hi aaron if it’s you i’m a big fan don’t know if you’ll read this it’s just to say i’m one of your biggest fans.

  82. sorry calvin i just wanted to make sure that someone was pretending to be you. i really am your girlfriend! i cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CALVIN

  83. calvin do you think you could email me and i could give you my number and we could meet up next time your in aberdeen! yeh? that would be cool but i wouldnt come myself id take my best mate along with me. if you say yeh!

  84. I’m sure that’s not really calvin. i’ll ask him later. Matt how come you and calvin post more or less at the same time???????????????? Yer like within a minute posting with each other and i know that calvin won’t be with you so how on earth can you do that???????????????????????

  85. hi every 1 and that is not daisy because she is here with me so stop pretending and that is calvin because he was on here earlier

  86. i’m not stickin up for matt or anything but you can only post a message every 10 seconds and calvin and his are 2 seconds apart. i love calvin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. i need your email address matt cos i cant give it to you on this site then everyone will get them

  88. well im da new calvin luva an im hiz biggest fan eva coz i think hes the fittest thing on this earth and i love him i love s club 8 an u cant see the walls in my room coz der full of pictures so im calvins biggest fan! HA

  89. i beleive that hana would block she’s like 8!!!!!! but you can tell she trys to be like everyone else who are excellent! I love all of them except hannah i don’t think she deserved to be in the band i mean whats the point i’ve never even heard her sing!

  90. matt your a f****** chancer i gave you the number and it is real and i dont care whether u beleive me or not!

  91. Hello, i just want to say that i fink Calvin is so fitt, and really like him. They shud all come down to powerfm and then i could meet them! i bet you dont actually read this but if you do please meet me, i am in year 11 and live near Portsmouth! if you would like 2 contact me, CALVIN (Gareth_gr8s@hotmail.com) thanx! x x x x x luv u! x x x x

  92. well emma i recon that i love calvin sooooooooooooooooooooooo much more than you! anyway look at number 195 and see wat calvin said to me and read a couple of lines on where he says he loves me too
    from emma xxxxx

  93. I was just wondering, if Aaron is know as the smart one, what does that make everyone else? Popstars like Britney Spears are just stupid people, i’d like to meet one that wasn’t so dumb…

  94. hi ppl
    frankie from sc8 has admitted that she doesnt like computers and doesnt use one plus she doesnt have an e-mail address i dont want to sound mean or anything i just thought you might wanna know plus for all i know she might have got one and stuff if she does i’m sorry for the comment

  95. even if no ones on here i want to ssay that altough i like calvin and aaron from the band i cant say i fancie them until i meet them cos yeah they are cute and can sing but looks to me arny everything i need to know what there personalitys are like

  96. hi everyone
    sorry if i havent been on here
    the rest of the band told m bout it
    i’ve been enjoying my time of latly
    as has the rest of the band aaron came to blackpool pleasure beach with me last weekend it was more of an excuse to get out of revising for his exams

  97. yeah i met you on the weekend when you were with aaron at the pleasure beach and we spent the day together.
    i never told you that i had a great time with you and aaron it was great.
    you will have to let me know when your next break is and see if we can hang sometime oh yeah and good look with your next single

  98. sian you little cow i know your faking being stacey
    i’m coming to call for you know and i’m gonna kick your bum

  99. i would just like to say that i have proof that my best mate is the BIGGEST fan of S club 8 ever! She thinks Aaron is cute and stacey is her fav and also i think Frankie is kinda cool!

  100. not sl****n suzi but i recon i am s club 8s biggest fan. all my mates can tell you. ask awn and steph on ere if you dont beleive me! I LOVE CALVINXxX

  101. I looooooooovveee S club 8 theire style is good theire songs are good what ese do you want no one could do any beter to beat the 8 Royals of pop

  102. oy all you aaron lovers get lost because he is mine we even went to a restraunt togher and he said he loves me

  103. same here i was asked out by calvin we went to Aberdeen beach leasure and i can tell u now. wat a body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Thats nasty “girlfriends* if people want to like someone they should!

    By the way you don’t ahve to worry about me liking them cos i think aaron and calvin are butt ugly and i’d be embarrassed if i were going out with them

  105. and how do u know that we are tarts? Your jealus that u r not going out with them. Do you honestly think that calvin and aaron would go out with people that go around showing of their arses? They like it to be kept just for them. dont u think aarons girlfriend?

  106. Yeah whatever!! Of course they’ll go around with tarts. Even if they don’t they’re still going out with you so that doesn’t really say much does it? In fact you’re probably worse than tarts. Oh yeah i’m so jealous (sarcasm)i REALLY want to go out with someone from s club 8(sarcasm) I’d never go out with them.

  107. Sian how the hell do u know i am a tart? Put it this way, aaron is cute but calvin iz sexy, if u were to see his body! ud be even more jealous. You probably have the face of a pigs but

  108. Sian, “Calvins Girlfriend”, Please keep your comments civil. I’m sure this is all tongue in cheek but it doesn’t come across that way.
    I won’t hesitate to delete comments I consider offensive or innapropriate for a family safe site.
    [Site Owner]

  109. im coming in summer just to see sclub8 but i hope theyre going to have a concert.i think calvin is so fit , hes nicer then justin timberlake and the blue guys .

  110. Sorry Mike!

    It just gets on my nerve cos this girl probably isn’t calvins gf she’s probably just a lonely little girl with no friends and no life. Purlease calvin’s like 13 he’s like a little baby if i went out with him i’d probably be put in jail for going out with an underage. I know you’re a tart by the way you are talking like how you think you know everything and you can’t be very loyal because if I went out with someone famous i wouldn’t broadcast it. I know gazza gates mobile number and i talk to him a lot but I haven’t said this a lot and i haven’t told anyone his number cos its not fair.
    By the way I know someone who knows s club 8 and I can find out if you’re lying. I’m actually laughing that you think i wanna go out with him. By the way you spelt but wrong its “butt” ha ha you can’t even spell butt yet so what are you 9. LOL

  111. Hi,

    I haven’t been on here for a while cause i’ve been busy with school. Um, I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment. I’m just to busy with things. aaron, frankie and hannah have one but i don’t. Sian you don’t seem very nice either and I wouldn’t go out with you and “calvins girlfriend” i’m really flattered but i’m just too busy at the moment.
    Keep a look out cause we’re coming back. calv x

  112. hi i was reading through the messages and on number 195, calvin, u asked a girl out out. because u have done this infront of your fans u cant sit there and say u dont have a girlfriend.

  113. no sian. i am 14, and i do know how to spell butt but its called fast text, where u write down things to make them shorter. doh

  114. I’m a dopy cow! Sorry calvin i really love you! pick me ro go out with, no “calvin’s girlfriend” cos shes a b****. I hate her. go out with me

  115. well im 16 so ithink i know what i’m on about. Um you don’t short words down like butt to but would it hurt you to just right down an extra letter everybody knows that you don’t shorten words like that. You use words like l8er so don’t try and say that you used shorter text. Everybody knows that well anybody who is smart that is.

  116. well i recon that its up to me sian! If i take off 1 letter or 3! If your 16 why are u argueing like a 13 or 14 year old? i’ve said it b4 ur probably just jealous. And anyway its not a vocab or a spelling test its a “message” one that someone can rite wateva they feel like writting. And 4 the books i have Krazy and Kenzie and Repas mob number.

  117. who cares! i hate blazin squad. I’m not arguing its you. Its you who stared being ignorant first by saying that nobody could like them so i said that’s not nice so you started it.
    Um yeah i’m so jealous you’ve figured me out ( sarcasm) do you know what that means? I wish I could go out with them ( even bigger sarcasm) just incase you didn’t know I was joking.

  118. by the way i didnt say that i didnt like them! You are even sadder than i thought, if you are going to be sarcastic you dont have 2 point it out by writting (sarcasm) after you say things. did u see that calv said he would neva go out with you

  119. Hiya, hey “calvins girlfriend” wat is your problem Sian is a nice person,so quit argueing with her.

  120. Yeah you see I put sarcasm cause you seem a bit thick so I put it in in case you didn’t know cause if you read it you might of thought that I was being serious and i don’t want you to think that I want to go out with calvin. aw i’m sad how nice ( sarcasm) tee hee i’ve done that to annoy you) Aw i think you’re sad too hun!
    Thanks emma its just its so annoying when people come on and say like i’m his girlfriend but when she said nobody else could like him I thought well that’s not nice and not fair cause i know you like calvin emma and you know i don’t really like him but i try not to post that. i did on number 324 i think it was but that was only cause calvin’s girlfriend was making me so mad.
    So calvin’s girlfriend go away and get a life!

  121. Emma was it you that calvin asked out on number 195? and sian why did you call ur self a dosey cow or something like that on number 333?

  122. Emma it was you that calvin asked out! oh my god how much i could wish he was mine! but u r sooooo lucky he asked you out. I bet your well suited!

  123. that wasn’t me. I don’t know who it was. Yeah emma even though i don’t like him i think its cool how he asked you out

  124. O.k i have to say i don’t really agree with calvin’s girlfriend and i don’t believe that it is her. I’m not sure if i agree with sian either but i definetly don’t agree with calvin’s girlfriend. Also why doesn’t she say her name?

  125. Hi to all the fans, thank you for your support over the past few months especially. We look foward to seeing you all soon as we have a few more things up our sleeves! I would just like to say though, that any numbers that are being give out are fake ones and also, do not give your number out over the internet as it is very dangerous. There are a lot of fake people pretending to be us out there and especially on this site! But we are all flattered in a way.

    Anyway I had better go, but thank you all.

    See you all soon.

    Daisy xXx

  126. Aw i dunno hun. I hope so i’d rather he go out with you than that stupid idiot calvin’s girlfriend. i’m sure you make a much nicer couple

  127. i think s club 8 totaly ROCK da world but i think that it is unfare dat American Juniors sing there songs dat is soooooo not nice! Oh and hi to everybody at Lincluden Primary!i know calvin golspinks no. it’s 0**********8 [removed by site owner] its right because my cusins boyfreinds daughter knows him! it’s true i swear on my family’s life!!!!!!

  128. damn like. how pathetic are some people that droll over a 15 year old guy. this includes people that do know him and post things for good reasons

  129. Yeh Steph and who on earth is that JA? May be he is pretending to be Jay from sc8. I love calvin

  130. so matt i am going out with calvin? and steph i have tiscali now but i cant get on emails rite now

  131. So Matt i really am Calvins girl friend? Omg. And “annoymous” they were not arguein they are askin questions?

  132. emma calvin is ur bf then i feel soz 4 ya hes such a puff unlike ma john and strider cya
    soz emma it had to b sed
    and frankie stop thinkin ur all dat coz u aint ur only famous 4 1 reason sclub and if they neva picked u you wud be nobody

  133. omg strider’s gal get a life. blazin squad are really rubbish nad he’s a puff. He tries to rap and fails. He’d never go out with you. Get over yourself if it makes emma happy to go out with calivn then so what big deal. In a month you’ll be over ugly strider and onto some other stupid bloke.

  134. hi my attitude has changed so much i av been so stressed so i wud like to say sorry to calvin a big sorry i didnt mean it frankie sory aswel and emma hope u still ma m8 sorry plz 4 give me
    and emma gareth gates lol no way man

  135. lets get dis party jumpin ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up)
    why do you get on frontin ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up)
    we’s only ere 4 one thing ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up )
    so lets just keep on gridin ohh ohh(get up) ohh ohh (get up )

  136. lets get dis party jumpin ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up)
    why do you get on frontin ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up)
    we’s only ere 4 one thing ohh ohh (get up ) ohh ohh (get up )
    so lets just keep on gridin ohh ohh(get up) ohh ohh (get up )

  137. hiya every 1. how u all doin? this is the first time i’ve bin on ere. i wud just like 2 say that calvin is really hot n hannah is da best out of da lasses. if n e 1 has msn then can u add me vicki_223_2k4@hotmail.com. calvin if u eva read this can u e mail me plz.i love u soooo much.

  138. hiya ppl me again. if n e 1 has calvins mobile number cud u plz give me it. i love u calvin

  139. okay i do keep coming on at the wrong time i’m gonna go know by
    and i thought i would say even though i love s club 8 you should all have a listen to the rasmus they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  140. hiya ppl.
    if n e of u watch stars in their eyes then watch out 4 me i might b on it next year.
    if i am on it then im gonna b britney

  141. hiya emma frm aberdeen. r u goin out wit calvin? if u r then u r very lucky. he is really cute

  142. all i av 2 say is if that was really frankie then u wud b happy 4 emma and calvin but i just looks like u r a sad fan of calvin’s and u hate the fact that he is goin out wit emma. as 4 the rest of us y r we all sad?

  143. hi Emma from Aberdeen , im the cynthia from the website u were talkin about. Don’t give calvins numbers to matt, he’s faking to be calvin who said he wuld go out with u. s club 8 can’t post on websites, i dont even think they can go on websites about them. matt is just trying 2 get their numbers (btw, im not saying this coz i’m jealous that u and calvin are going out, everything that i am saying is true)

  144. U probabaly are jealous! By the way it really is calvin cause i have his new mob number and guess what? he gave it to me. He also phoned me. so there

  145. hiya ppl wot u all bin up 2? u r rite emma she probably is just jealous, dont let her get u down. if u r goin out wit calvin then gd on u. just enjoy it while it lasts cuz believe me long distance relationships never last. but u n calvin might so gd luck

  146. Stop goin on steph it wasnt actually that long ago that u said u would do anythin to get calvin!

  147. Yeh Steph fair enough but u r so much bugging me rite now u keep askin me if i like u!

  148. hiya. has n e 1 on ere bin 2 a rave b for? if u havev’t then u should cuz they are amazing. i went 2 1 a few nights ago n it was out of this world. n matt cynthia hasnt got a clue so just ignore her. c ya

  149. hiya ppl wot u all bin up 2? im in school at the mo nit is very boring i cant b arsed 2 do n e thin.

  150. hey all. matt r u goin out wiv n e 1? thanx striders gal, i thought the IT exam was goin 2 b hard bt it wasn’t. wot u all bin up 2?

  151. hey all. n matt hope u n frankie dont fall out again. is calvin still c in some 1? oh yeah n frankie if u read this, have u been talkin 2 a lass on msn called vicki?

  152. steph guess what my auntie wen to dublin and in her hotel blazin squad were there and she got her piccie took with kenzie, l=melo-D, krazy and strider. I was like omg no way!!!!!!!! she rung me up and krazy cause he’s my fave spoke to me down my aunties phone 😀

  153. hi all i wont b on ere 4 a while coz im under a lot of stress and i no i will cum out wid all horrible stuff like last time cya matt emma and all u lot and sc8

  154. hiya ppl. do u all know that new boy band called V? well they were at ma school on friday. there all really nice lads. u c all the year 11’s left on friday so ma head master wanted to jazz up the party a bit. he made me n a few of ma m8s sing aswell. so we sang s club 7’s i really miss you.
    oh well betta go c ya

  155. hey steph. i met leon he is a really nice lad. aaron is the best tho. they r all really friendly. i gave aaron me mobile number but he hasn’t phoned me yet. hey matt howz u doin.

  156. i hope u get better and wish u would come and have a concert at indianapolis, indiana there is alot of people here who luv u get better.

  157. yea i no their like sc7 .
    in the last harry potter i always thought hermione was ugly but in the third one i am starting to change my mind

  158. wot has harry potter got to do wit sc8. n e wayz, r u goin to c the new harry potter film? it looks really good. im goin to c it as soon as it comes out on the 4th june

  159. if sc8 r doin their own tv show it will b miles betta than sc7’s cuz i think sc8 r betta than them. if they r not doin it then i am sorry 2 say but i will kill u matt. lol. only jokin.

  160. just askin! matt where does frankie come from, cuz ive bin talkin 2 this las on msn n she is tryin 2 make me believe that she is frankie.

  161. yeah i no she is called jess. i just thought they might of split up or sumthin. oh well u cant blame me 4 tryin.
    matt av u got frnkie’s mobile number? if u av can i av it plz just so i can c if it’s the same 1 i av got
    c yas

  162. thats ok matt no probs. n e way guys i av sum great news, ma brothers gf ad her baby 2 day, its a boy n they called it kai. i just got bk frm the hospital. its so small.

  163. thanx matt. n ur right every 1 does love dougie. i no i do. he is so fit n he is the same age as me he is only 16 bless him

  164. 9i no loads of ppl who look like frankie. all ma m8s say that i look like daisy n they all say that i sound like stacey

  165. well i dont care if calvin is c in sum 1 cuz at the end of da day all i can say is that he is mine. n e way stef av u met dougie? cuz i av n i met V twice. i met v at ma school n i met busted, v and mcfly at 1 of busteds concerts.

  166. yeah im ok stef y?

    matt does ur dad no n e managers? if he does can u ask him if one of them can give me a call cuz all my m8s say ive got a really good voice and i really want 2 b a singer. if u give me ur email address i’ll give ya ma number. n matt can u tell danny from mcfly that i really like him n give him ma number aswell. if u see him. thanx. XxXxXx

  167. hiya stef howz u doin? where do u n matt cum frm n e ways, cuz ive bin talkin 2 u 4 ages n i dont even no. im frm stockton by the way.

  168. hiya ive changed ma name 2 vicki luvz ali cuz he has just came 2 ma house and asked me if will get bk wit him n as u can c i sed yeah. he is really cute

  169. stef if that was u who sent the email just now it didnt work so will u try again. plz. luv vicki

  170. ok then. if i email u my mobile number wil u give it 2 danny 4 me plz n tell him 2 call me. i’ll need ur email address. if u have 1

  171. i dont have a e mail adress and even if i did give it to him he might not even ring u because he busy

  172. so ur gonna dump frankie who hasn’t even done n e thing wrong n ur gonna ask out emma who doesn’t really know ya. wot if she ses no. if u end up goin bk 2 frankie she might not want n e thing 2 do with ya. av u thought bout that. n e wayz just give danny ma number, i dont care if he doesn ‘t call me. its 07817705324

  173. n e wayz its got nothin 2 do with me. u do wot i want. how cum u ain’t bin on all day. howz u doin?

  174. yeah but wot bout frankie. ain’t u bothered bout hurtin her feelings? besides ur not gonna be able 2 c emma 4 ages cuz there workin on the next movie. i think u shud stay with frankie. who do u like more?

  175. if it’s wot u want then just go for it

    n u can give ma number 2 n e 1 cuz im not really bothered. if u c frankie 2 moz then give it 2 her.

  176. well if ur still with frankie wot was the point in sayin u were goin 2 dump her? so were u jokin about goin 2 c mcfly aswell?

  177. stef look on number 564 and u will c wot he sed but he was jokin.

    matt did u give danny ma number?


  179. hi im back only went for 5 days because it was only a wedding. stef is it true i dont mind if it is because it wouldnt be the first.

  180. i no stef proper well and she neva sed dat she thinks its vicki coz stef sed frankie is lucky to av uu meanin ur nice

  181. hey every1, i’ve got fankie and daisys email addresses, n matt if u wanna do a trade, their email adresses for calvins mob number den its fine by me

  182. how is aaron gonna take his GCSE’s???????? I mean don’t they understand that there runing there life same with any star e.g : daniel radcliffe. How are they going to have a good and proper education. I don’t really mind Daneil cos he IS talented unlike s club 8. Who is going to watch that barcelona thing, what is the pint cos they can’t sing and probably can’t act as well!!!!!

  183. matty, please can i have calvs mob number m8, i mean i think ur ded kwl n i wud always stick up for u in an argument

  184. matt i changed it coz barnes is my last name and i get called barnsey
    and matt do u belive i dont fancy u now plus i av calvins numbas aint gonna give em out coz i promised

  185. thnx matt, so have u got hannah’s sisters contact for msn cos i have n if u aint wat will u trade for it matey

  186. guys, it aint fair, u have both got his number, y u leaving me out, i wudn’t giv his number to ne 1 else, i promise u guys

  187. barnsey, plz can i have his number, i wnt giv it to ne1 else, i promise on my nans and grandads grave, plz guys

  188. barsey wen i asked u u sed, if ya want, plz tell me, i dnt want his house number, just his mob number, plz, i promise on my life, my nans life and my grandads life that i wnt tell ne1

  189. look, plz, if u wanna know y i want his mob number its cos its for my 8 yrold sis, she’s in hospital with eye cancer, she’s only been given a few months to live

  190. for god sake thomas get a life. I don’t know why you’d want it anyway. But how would you like your number being broadcasted, they don’t even know you, you could be a stalker for all anyone knows. Why do you want matt and barnsey to break there promise some mate you are. I mena its kinda creepy how you want it so much. I think matt and barnsey are really trustworthy and reliable for not giving it to you, because i am sure calvin does not want it broadcasting to you!!!! phew got that off my chest

  191. oi ex-fan, it aint for me, its for my sis she is mad bout calv n she is in hospital with eye cancer with only a few months to live. i’m only trying to cheer her up, she keeps tellin me that she’s ded scared about dyin so i dunno wat else to do. please just respect me for tryin to cheer her up,

  192. yeh but he wudn’t find out u gave it to me, be considerate, my sis is scared bout dyin n she wants the chance b4 she dies to say hi to calv

  193. so let me get this straight your mu died, you nan died, your grandad died and now your sisters dying. hmm suspicious. Look i’m sorry about your sister if it is true really but when his usually happens if you write to the person you want to see they usually come in. It happens all the time there was a girl in my school who got lukemia and died ages ago and her dying wish was to see steps and our school wrote to the management and they came in. So i still don’t see why you should get his number. sorry.

  194. no my gran and grandad aint ded, i just sed i swear on dere grave but o well, i’ve got calvs real msn addy now so it dnt matter

  195. omg if it was realy why would he taslk to you? He’ll probably block you, james bourne from busted if someone adds him he just blocks them because he doesn’t want fans hounding him. It took him ages from him to know me properley and for him to trust me not to give his email adrees, his moby number and any of teh busted boys information. So if it si calvin’s proper address. He will either block you or not really go on it a lot.

  196. hiya i gonna tell u all now, it was not me pretending 2 be stef. i wudn’t do that 2 u n matt. stef i have my own life, so y wud i want 2 mess with urs

  197. I have his email address too but only because my uncle works at his management place, i don’t know him though unlike james. er what ever happened to strider????

  198. coz he really likes frankie and if u and her eva split he mite av a chance and im not bein nasty but i will kill her

  199. ah yeah i got that. Well I didn’t buy it my uncle just got it me free from his work LMAO. its so good

  200. I think Stacey & Calvin are the best suited for each other.I mean they are too cute.They were also spotted holding hands a few months ago,around the time of her birthday.
    So that proves they’re good together.

  201. were u b cum a proper catholic and stuff like dat

    u wear a lovly dress likand av a party after e a weddin dress but 4 lil kids

  202. hiya evry1! i jus wanna say dat calvin is da fittest lad i hav ever seen in ma life n hes da same age! id luv 2 tlk 2 him coz i fink we hav alot in common n hes gorgeous! luv ya loads katie xxxxxx

  203. yeh well matt i spoke to calv on msn at bout 6:30 till 7 0 clock, i dunno wat da time was it was sumtime last week

  204. i was tellin calv dat i luv da music dat s club 8 sing n den calv sed dat he’s gonna mention me on his nxt interview on da saturday show in bout 4 weeks time n den calv sed dat he likes me

  205. and im still steph
    my old names was steph goldspink
    striders gal
    stef poynter
    but steph barnes is ma real name

  206. ye laura do u like dougie coz i love him

    matt i will watch the show 4 1 reason and carnt say y coz i feel sly

  207. k well its not mean or nout i just wanna c how bad they can act im not bein nasty to her

    ask her does she like dougie plz

  208. I LOVE S CLUB JUNIORS!!!!! I am from Canada.I LOVE AARON!!! HE’S SO HOTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard CALVIN left the group today!!
    Laura-Lynn Provenzano

  209. hiya steph. u can tell matt wot i told u if u want. i don’t mind him knowing. by the way r u still goin out with frankie, matt.

  210. icant aint got enough credit u ask for it and text it to me ask her for frankies to cus i lost it and she aint text me back with it yet

  211. Hi ppl im calvins number one fan im totally in love wiv him spend every day tryen 2 find him and hav hundreds hav hundreds of pictures of him!!!! I luv u calvin!!!!!

  212. hi matt i need to tlk to ya in privet but not here when u get this massege
    write back on this uve got it k thnxs.

  213. never mind about th any mort matt anyway hiya steph
    how u guys doin? matt do u see emma well shes ma best friend and do ya like
    her instead of frankie or wa was it a joke? and matt have u got emma ‘s addy and do u want it cause ive got it but ill have to ask her though and her moble number
    oh yeah im a massive masive massive massive massive fan of sclub 8 i love
    them they are soo great and the best ever member and my massive favourite is
    calvin and frankie ahhh i cnt belevie ur going out with frankie
    she is sooo the best ahh.

  214. how can u not matt frankie is a lovely kind sweet girl and i meant emma as a girlfriend and scene as ur not going out with frankie any more can i have
    her email address lets keep on chating k.

  215. yes i do have emma watsons mobile number and her email add
    i know her but ill give it to u but asrk emma frist
    if u let me have frankies or daisys.
    ill be back in 3 mins

  216. hey does calvin actually come on this site? honestly? coz that would be really cool to talk to him. i have to admit i am not a great fan of thier music and to be honest i only really watch thier new show coz calvin is in it1. that probably sounds quite sad.have any of u guys met calvin. write soon

  217. hey jst like to say av had agd laugh reading sum of the comments made. Am abig fan of Calvin(as u may expect) but although ilive in Aberdeen ihavent met him yet (although am workin on tht!) i just want to ask why r u all earlier argueing over who is the biggest fan?Think on it this way…if SC8 never had a heap of big fans they wouldnt still be going as apop band! And if(thats abig IF) SC8 came on here they wudnt be askin fans out without meeting them first!And the numbers being given out as SC8’s r very unlikely as wen they first came out their “numbers” were goin round my school but it turned out it werent theirs after all n if afan had their numbers they wud probs change it so they never got prank calls choose to believe this or not ajst thought ad thank u for entertainin me over the past hour! xxx

  218. wow im a little late on the whole S Club 8 thing but i think they are amzing and they r all good looking but my question is who does have a girlfriend/boyfriend im still a lil confused on that.

  219. hi everyone!!!!!! i am S club 8’s big fan(my fave are HANNAH And AARON)
    but i have only few pics
    please send me pics if u can,and we will become friends!!!

  220. Hi ya doe anyone know whats going on with s club 8 at the minute and
    whats going on with Frankie and sam nixon

  221. Sorry, but any band preceded by the phrase “S Club” is utterly abhorrent. OK, the original lot were perfectly bearable, they made harmless little pop songs and never pretended to be anything more than they were (i.e, fun for the under-twelves). My only problem with them is that they were manufactured, designed as a commercial force to suck the money out of idiot tweenagers. But hey, if that’s what the kids wanna do, it’s their money they’re wasting.

    No, the true crime that S Club committed against music was to create that horrendous little set of “juniors”. I have nothing but contempt for these children. I remember seeing them when they first started up, seeing twelve year olds talking about being “flirty” and tarting themselves up in a manner best described as “eye-destroyingly wrong”. I bet the paedophiles loved it to bits. And what kind of impression did this give out to their legions of blinkered idiot fans? No wonder kids these days are horrific little turds, and teenage pregnancy is through the roof.

    Conclusion: All “S Clubbers” need to DIE, even Rachel Stevens – and she’s the one who’s actually got, y’know, talent. Extra points to anyone who kills them in a funny way!

  222. Right. Children. Do you realise that you are the future of our society? You will grow up to be the leaders, politicians and business people of the future. Bearing this in mind, please try to use proper grammar – ‘dat’ is not a word. You mean ‘that’. This ridiculous text message rubbish is infantile and degrading. To even participate in internet ‘slagging’ matches is pointless and a waste of time. Do something productive, learn a new skill, develop a talent. Anything. Just be mature and stop wasting your time. Please.

  223. Now that’s just a bit harsh, surely? As much as I detest text speak for destroying language, and as much as I loathe S Club and their more zealous fans, you have to remember that these guys are, as you say, “children”. Everyone knows that children are idiots, it’s just something they’ll grow out of eventually. I bet YOU were an idiot when you were their age (however long ago that was).

    Most of these kids will grow up to be great people, with good taste in music (if there is such a thing, music being as subjective as it is) and an excellent grasp of grammar and syntax. You call them children and then accuse them of being infantile? Puh-lease! Let the kids have their fun – you can’t honestly order a twelve-year old to be “mature”!

    Mind you, I still stand by my statement that S Club Anything are awful awful people and need to die.

  224. heyyyy aaron just wanna say u r sooooo GORGEOUS!! and i luv uuu!! u r wel fit!!!! LUV UUUUUU
    dya hav a girlfriend? and r u lot still together???

  225. heya! chloe ere! i jst wana say tht s club 8 r absolutely MINT!!!!!!!!! n ive
    heard the hav msn…….iz tht true?!?!?!? if not, then da person hu told me
    iz sooooooooooooooooooo dead!! lolz x (jokin, im nt violent)

    lolz xx BUH-BI xxxxxx luv chloe xx

  226. Yo dudes,
    thought i’d browse the website.
    sum ppl dunno what they r talkin about on here, i mean S club r a
    manufactured band but they sell good music (to certain ppl) if everyone
    liked one celeb… they’d b the richest person in the world! lol. (that’s always the dream!)

    Personaly i think they r ok 🙂

    newho g2g c u guys l8r!
    JB x

    P.S. gd luck with their MSN’s!

  227. I love Aaron 4 eva. hes so cute and fit!!!!
    I aditioned to get in but i failed in the 2nd heat.
    I met him in person he spoke to me as well, im badly in love with him

    :pom: :wave: 😎

  228. hi does calvin really have msn?i know aaron does plz can u let me know his real msn addy thanks very much from vicky savannah fletcher

  229. Hey Im Jodie!
    I Just want to say how much i love S Club 7 & 8!
    I love you Calvin and Aaron! I went to the S Club united concert! My Faves Are
    Rachel, Bradley,
    Calvive, Aaron.
    And Calvin is it true who fancy RAchel Stevens, becuase people say thats why you sung Puppy love with Rachel in it.
    I LoVE CALVIN AND AARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. I LUV EMMA WATSON! She is so pretty! she has the perfect life dont u think? has anyone figured out her phone number? i really want it! some one please tell me!

  231. I love S Club 7 & 8. I really liked S Club 8 song Puppy Love. I like Calvin from S Club 8 & Paul & Hanna from S Club 7.

  232. hey franki i need you to make me a big big favor my bf want to know your e-mail please writte me and i will be than ks you for ever and if i cand do any thing for you REALY just tell me ok bye

  233. Y?, just cos u dont like s club 8 it dunt mean that ova ppl cant. A lot of us probably wont like the bands u like n we dont go round sayin the bands u like r rubbish so just give us lot hu do like s club 8 a break cos it ent fair like

  234. I think s.club 8 r ok my fav are daisy and aaron (aaron is so fit) i think that their c.ds are quite kool well their songs bi xxx p.s I LOVE AARON

  235. how about a thought that he may not have a girlfriend….. and in fact, he may be gay! – has anyone of your thought of that!?

    if i were gay…. … i’m jealous whoever gets him

  236. s club 8 are realllly coool, and the songs are gud…ps;calvin is so KIOOOOOT!!!!! WHO AGREES WITH ME?????MMMMMUAAAAAH!!!

  237. I great act guys. You lot should write stories. I don’t believe any of all here. I know many music artists and actors. They would never behave like this.

  238. aup peple jst found out this website thing hehe well s club 8 r gr8 gr8 gr8 hehe der legends n neva will b 4gotten lol i ope sum ov em cum on era n read wot wev put on era tellin em ow much we think calvin is a sxc bum n wots der e mail addresses n dat lol o.m cin em in concert n dey wer amazin well go on me site peple http://www.loopylisa69.piczo.com

  239. n i think der all ace lot ov em nmw ne 1 seys frankie stacey rochelle daisy aaron calvin n jay onistly peple dey dnt lik peple alwayz tormentin em dey jst wnt sum piece n quite 1nce n a while hehe but we all no der gr8st lol aww i think jays a ickle cutie hehe lv ya x

  240. i jst wanna let u all know that i av been goin out wiv aaron for a long time n nothin will split usup so get it in2 ur fick skullsall of ya

  241. as if cos if u were weres a site with ur pic and him and it wud of been in mags u c photogrophers dont miss a thing i dont like him anyway calvin better lookin


  243. NO! I’m sure FRANKİE CALVİN’S GİRLFRİEND 🙁 but I DON’T LİKE FRANKİE but she is cute:(

  244. Yes Frankie & Calvin are know dating in real life. Its true it say in the magazine that she can’t live with out him & when she isn’t with him she feels like apart of her is missing. If you still don’t believe me go to Frankies & calvins website which is http://WWW.calvinfrankieofficalwebsiteco.uk Then it will tell you on there.

  245. Hi does anyone remember who the supporting acts (the ones who came on before s club 8 and s club) were at the NEC one on wednesday 16th april 2003 at the NEC??

    please help!!

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