We had a presentation of the company’s three year plan today. Along with the details of the re-organisation which is taking place over the next few weeks. It was quite interesting. Not too ‘rah rah’ motivational pat-on-the-back. Just a few home truths.
I think the plan to switch from departments (development, testing, etc.) to project based teams will be a good thing. I’ve been in companies where that has worked before. I’m sure there will be a few noses put out, and some adjustments along the way, but overall I’m quite impressed.
It beat working for the afternoon anyway 😉

One thought on “Strategy

  1. The meeting style doesn’t sound too much of a surprise. I always thougth Keith was a down to earth and most of the time quite realistic. Sitting in project teams is a great idea and it was put in place for a while then scrapped. Sounds like it might a good place to return to if everything goes according to plan 🙂

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