A Charmed Life

I forgot to mention that I finished A Charmed Life: The Autobiography of David Essex a few days ago. I quite enjoyed it. It was certainly an eye opener. He was a bit of a rogue as a young lad!
A good read.

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  1. David Essex has just released his latest album Sunset..David just keeps on producing the finest work..A charmed life, Forever and now Sunset…are just some of his recent successes…I travelled from Australia to UK in Nov/Dec 2002 to see the last five shows of his tour and to catch him in Stevenage for a book signing…I met up with members of the David Essex girls club and if I could I would be there again in a shot to catch the upcoming shows…catch all the info on David’s personal web site..http://www.davidessex.com

    ROCK ON 30 years old this August…..
    Let’s keep on rocking

    We love you David Essex

  2. Your welcome Mike…please come and join us at the David Essex Girls Club…many men are also part of this club including the wonderful Chris Nott…the David Essex impersonator…The members have just recently celebrated 30 years of Rock On with a wonderful performance from Chris…only wish I could of been there.

    Ingrid 🙂

  3. Hi Ingrid,
    My partner, Jan, is the big David Essex fan. She did get to see Boogie Nights 2 with her sister sometime last year. I think they quite enjoyed it.
    She didn’t want to go to see the ‘old heartthrobs never die’ tour or whatever it’s called, as she has no interest in any of the other acts.


  4. Hi Mike..I really wish I could see BN2 but unless it comes Down under I never will..however I have seen little clips the ladies have managed to video for me. It was David’s birthday on the 23rd and one of the members of our club baked a huge cake which was presented to David after the BN2 show..he was very overwhelmed apparently. Loads of pics on the site if Jan wants to join..she wont be sorr and she will meet so many more DE fans…if she joins please mention me in the application..best wishes..ROCK ON..Ing x

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