David Essex

Jan and Paula went to see David Essex in concert at the Bridgewater Hall tonight.
This was Paula’s early birthday present for Jan. They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
David Essex

They were less than impressed with the train service getting there.

3 thoughts on “David Essex

  1. I too went to see David Essex at the Bridgewater Hall tonight Although I did enjoy the concert, I would have liked to hear him sing a few more of the “oldies” that we all remember very well. What a guy!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

  2. Hi, Never seen David at the Bridgewater. Must do that one next year! Visit my website and join. Its free and lots of fun for DE fans.I’m doing 15 concerts this year, mostly down in the south. Only Basingstoke and Bournemouth to go now.Love ……………..Julie xxx

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