NTL Broadband

Jackie and Graham have been having trouble with their NTL broadband again. It’s been going on for months. The NTL engineers have been out several times, but it’s seems to be always working correctly when they call. Tonight I took my cable box (with built in cable modem) round to swap in order to determine if it was the cable box or their PC. We swapped the boxes… nothing. We swapped the smart cards… TV worked, but no broadband. Then I remembered that theirs was an old box and my require a crossover connector. But there wasn’t one. It turns out they had a crossover cable, so we found a crossover connecter and inserted that. So now they had a straight through cable. THis time it worked and fast! Back to the proper speed. I then swapped them back without rebooting the PC and the speed dropped again to sub dial-up speed 🙁
I hope they can get it sorted soon. I’ve told them to demand that and NTL engineer brings a new box and proves to them that the old box is the same speed.

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