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The revamped Michael Jackson News site has just re-launched.

We’re back! As always, MJNEWS will provide you with the very latest, RELIABLE, Michael Jackson news.

It is now using B2 and my B2 Link Manager.

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  2. http://www.web2.dk/michael_jackson_trial.htm

    Michael Jackson vs. Cardinal Bernard Law. Whether justice served equal? If not why?

    Justice is a circus and a Judge the clown, when the interest of operation resides in the hands of monsters behind politics, religion and economy.

    An ugly scene equal to ancient Roman Arenas, while the audience enjoys and left focused on the entertainment aspects. That’s the exact policy used today. In order to confuse the truth, make it professionally more entertaining. Like CNN the arena, victims the gladiators and finally Dollar sign the Cesar.

    Compare is the answer if truth not found.

    We take it from current headline news, and you continue with every other issue of interest “black vs. White”, “rich vs. poor”, “war vs. war”, “Kobe Bryant vs. President Clinton”, …………..and finally “you vs. yourself”

    L.C.S.W. is unfortunately my way to ease the pain. (Look. Compare. Smile. Walk away.)

    Compare Method is the most powerful argument to shake the foundation of injustice. However, can’t change the system as long as it is a part of a major game. The answer to that comes at the end of this movie.

    Lets LCSW with me on this case “Michael Jackson vs. Cardinal Bernard Law” then watch closely how the justice change colors on similar cases and why? That “why” is the purpose of my FLASH movie ( http://www.web2.dk/michael_jackson_trial.htm ).

    Thanks for attentions,



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