Nu Metal Day

It’s been a ‘Nu Metal’ day. All I’ve listened to so far today, is Nickleback, The Calling, Creed, Puddle Of Mudd, etc. and of course Linkin Park. Mucho head boppin’ 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nu Metal Day

  1. dude,you must be joking!none of those bands you named are nu metal…puddle of mudd,creed,nickleback,the calling are all some kinds of rock,post grunge and linkin park is a crossover band-a crossover between hip hop and rap metal-rapcore,modern rock and nu metal,BUT IT’S NOT NU METAL…nothing with hip hop in it can’t be described as nu can only be rapcore and/or rap metal…so next time listen a little bit better to the music before saying creed,linkin park and similiar crap would be nu metal…greetz from Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

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