Wow! When I checked my stats this morning, I was amazed to find a huge spike in all the statistics:

  • Visits up 33%
  • page views up 166%
  • hits up 54%
  • bandwidth usage up 315%

All compared to the day before. Looking through my apache logs, I can see that most of this was real visits. Most of the user agents were browsers, and all the images were being requested which crawlers don’t usually do.
I can only put this down to the search engine friendly URLs which went in on Saturday evening. That gave Google and the other search engines a couple of days to get the data into the databases; and bingo! I must have moved up the rankings!
I’m going to monitor it for the next few days and see what develops.

3 thoughts on “Spike!

  1. Yep Google has given you a 6/10. You were 4/10. Good going.

    I’ve opted to block most of the search engines. Due to my sites content I get a lot of freaks.

  2. Cool!
    I presume you’ve got that page ranking from the google toolbar thing. I don’t use IE so I’ve never tried it. Perhaps I should, but then I’d probably start obsessing about my pagerank 🙂

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