Stressful Day

I’ve had a very stressful day today. I’m not sure exactly why, other than that I had a release to do, after I finished implementing and testing some new functionality. That dragged on a bit (some of the code I had to get working was terrible) and the decision to release without this functionality complete was made. And then having to find out what changes other people had done (for the release note), and then having to back out some of those changes coz they shouldn’t have been made on that branch! But, I got the release out on time.

I also seemed to be plagued more than usual by silly little interruptions today. Either emails or people coming round to my desk asking me something, nodding wisely at my answer, scuttling off back to their desk, and then having to come back and ask me to explain! If you don’t understand the first time, speak up! There and then! Don’t waste our time by pretending you understand and then having to come back!