Lord Of The Rings

Just finished watching The Lord Of The Rings DVD. Excellent!

I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really is a most wonderful translation from book to film. I think probably one of the best (although The Abyss came close). I can barely wait for the next one.

All in all, whilst there were obviously things from the book that could not be translated to film (at least and still have it as a commercial success), it really was a good effort. I particularly liked the way the history was summed up at the beginning but with more detail supplied later. I also liked Ian McKellen’s Gandalf. I remember when I first realised who was playing Elrond; Hugo Weaving (Mr Smith in The Matrix), I was astounded: I’d kind of pictured all the Elves in the way Legolas was portrayed (by Orlando Bloom): blonde and pretty (and that’s just the guys). But, of course, the 3000 year old lord of Rivendell would be a strong, wise, and slightly sinister character. It worked for me.

I did notice that the UK video version has been re-classified as a PG (Parental Guidance) rating: I’m sure it was at least a 12 at the cinema. I didn’t notice anything in particular which had been cut, but then again it is almost nine months since I saw it last.

I have to disagree with Chriscomments, and say that the ending was just right in terms of following the book.


2 thoughts on “Lord Of The Rings

  1. There’s a book? I did not know this.

    I watched it late last night and the ending left me unable to get sleep, I was so worried about the little guy being on his own, with no one to protect him. and those things were scary. It’s the first movie, I’ve seen in a while, that I could not relax while watching. My entire body was all tense.

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