Professional Attitudes

I’ve just had the following conversation with an old friend and ex-colleague on AIM:

[22:41:47] Mike: Did you read my recent 'adventure' in my blog? In
  trouble for my big mouth again.
[22:42:05] SteveP : no. i'll take a look at that presently.
[22:45:59] SteveP : whoa. just found the long blog. reading...
[22:46:17] Mike: OK, I'll give you a few minutes.
[22:48:27] SteveP : the sentence starting "Folks..." sounds
 like one of your famous open air flames... (continues)
[22:48:32] SteveP : : - )
[22:51:32] SteveP : "You kind of came across as an asshole, but
 the other guy responded like a dumbass. Which I'm sure annoyed you." *snort*
[22:55:43] Mike: I've since exchanged a couple of emails with Chris. She's nice.
[22:58:31] SteveP : *exhales* 
 well, i can see from your log that you're just like you used to be. striving
 for perfection and achievement. unfortunately, other people aren't like that,
 and there's no use in trying to change them. you spotted a problem, and 
 problems aren't for brushing under the carpet in your book (and mine). it seems
 to me that you wanted to resolve the problem quickly and effectively, and in
 your mind, the initial email (and the developing incarnations thereafter) was
 the most suitable way to proceed. at least one of your recipients didn't like
 your choice of method, or content, whatever.
[22:58:44] SteveP : i've worked with you. i enjoyed it immensely. you have the 
 same goals as i, and i would take absolutely no offence with any of those emails 
 you sent. if i was in the wrong, i would be delighted that you pointed it out to 
 me. some people just don't know when they've got a valuable asset on their team.
[22:59:34] SteveP : my 2p.

Thanks Steve.