Holiday Woes

Well it’s less than 60 hours until we fly out for our holiday in Turkey AND WE STILL HAVEN’T GOT THE TICKETS! We ordered the tickets through an on line company called I DO NOT recommend them to anyone. I think we have been treated shoddily. The latest, after waiting on the phone for more than 15 minutes and being subjected to adverts for other services, is that they say the tickets were sent first class post on Monday and we should have got them today. But they have used the wrong post code so it may be tomorrow! In the meantime I’ve persuaded them to allow us to pick up the tickets at the airport in case they don’t come tomorrow.
At least I managed to find out with which airline we are flying and from which terminal. It does also mean that we will have to be at the airport for about 4am!

The weather had better be good after all this!