A Productive Day

A good day today:

  • Finished the cupboard on the new computer desk.
  • Bought the shelf for the alcove in the kitchen (will fit it tomorrow).
  • Got my watch for my birthday next week. This one:Accurist Sports ChronoIt’s an Accurist Sports Chrono from Argos.
  • Fixed the overflowing toilet cistern (the float was letting in water and not doing much floating).
  • Bought sticky pads for the rear view mirror which is about to fall off (will fit tomorrow).
  • Did sixteen minutes on the gravity walker (1000 steps)
  • Sat and watched a film with Jan and Jamie (The sound of Music 🙂
  • Got Pingu, Pingi, and Igloo’s keyboard and monitors working through the KVM. Pingu’s mouse doesn’t work though 🙁 I guess you can’t connect a PS/2 mouse to a serial port, but then why do they sell the adapters?