Not blogged for a couple of days now. Too lazy or too tired. Not sure which.
Anyway, to catch up. At work I’m still working on the same document I’ve been working on for the last work week!
At home, pingu is still not fully recovered. He’s now running Mandrake 8.2, but I’ve not configured him properly and I haven’t restored all my backed-up data.
I’ve not worked on my J2EE project for a few days now. I really need to get my a**e in gear!

On a positive note, I’ve just finished “A Practical Guide to eXtreme Programming” by David Astels et al. published by Prentice Hall. An excellent book. If you are looking in to XP then this is a good book. I’m very excited (sad, I know) and would love to start working on some of these practices.

More to come


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