Journalized Theme 2.7.2 Released

There is a new version of my Journalized theme available. This version, 2.7.2, fixes a couple of bugs raised by users.

  • A couple of 2.7 only dependencies have now been fixed.
  • A problem with versions of PHP less than 5 was fixed.
  • The theme is now translatable and comes with Russian built in (Thanks to Dmitriy Donchenko)

Go to the theme page to download it.

As usual, please add your comments, questions, or bug reports to the theme page.

I am particularly interested in feedback on the internationalisation of the theme. This is the first time I have translated a theme, so I may have done some things wrong! I have included the POT, PO, and MO files. If anyone wishes to translate the theme to other languages, please do, I am more than happy to distribute other language files with the theme.