WordPress is 6 – or is it?

At this time of year, I normally say Happy Birthday to WordPress. After all it was 6 years ago today I made the comment on Matt’s blog that started the whole thing off.

However last year, Matt held a birthday party for WordPress’ 5th in May. May 27th to be precise, which is the anniversary of the first WordPress release.

If the birth of WordPress was the first release, then I guess I’ve been celebrating the conception.  🙂

Regardless, WordPress has come a long way. The baby  has grown into a world beating piece of software. It’s so good I’ve bet the house on it (more of that soon).

Anyway “Happy Conception” to WordPress and I hope there are many more to come.

11 thoughts on “WordPress is 6 – or is it?

  1. I see why you would celebrate the birthday of WordPress today because of the post from Matt way back in 2003, but I agree with it being celebrated on the first release date, sort of like giving birth, but hey, who doesn’t like a party? We could celebrate both your way and Matt’s way – two for one 🙂

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  3. Today is when Papa and Mama of WordPress went on a date and things happened.
    4 months of morning sickness and having mood swings and so forth…Papa drive Mama to the Hospital and voila, the birth of the baby.

    Papa (I guess Matt)
    Mama (could be a laptop/computer, I have no idea)
    Baby (WordPress)

  4. Sorry guys, the jury is in. A birthday is the day something born, not conceived 😉 I’d have to say Matt held a birthday party is the official one

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