Number One Mike on Google

Wowee! I’ve made it to number 1!
I am the number 1 mike on Google. That’s number one out of about 31.4 million web pages which contain the word mike.
I think that’s a pretty good result for ego surfing.
I wonder if it will last?

PS: I should mention that all this is with a page ranking of zero for the blog, though my homepage does have a page ranking of 3/10

5 thoughts on “Number One Mike on Google

  1. Hmm, one thing to note about PageRank: I remember reading an article which stated that it is impossible to know the true PageRank of a page. Google’s toolbar is the only way to get an actual official number, and the results are inconsistent. They even proved that the toolbar often “guesses” a page’s PR.

    Now, how do I get to #1?

  2. ya…It’s grate to You …then I’m happy,when I go to my bed and sleep or go to my computer…hihi to the page
    Ok by and see ya:*

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