Aaargh! Blogshares Down

Aargh! Because the Blogshares site has been down, my site hasn’t been loading for the last 12 hours! I thought the script I am using to scrape information from blogshares used a caching technique which meant I didn’t need to worry about that kind of thing. I guess I was wrong!

3 thoughts on “Aaargh! Blogshares Down

  1. Actually, My site keeps going down. I thought you were having the same problem so I updated one of my webhoster request tickets. I’d better tell them it was a human error 🙂

    How did you work out what the problem was?

  2. Hi Mark, I’d already noticed last night that static html pages were ok, but guessed PHP/MySQL based ones weren’t (I’ve had that before). This morning I suddenly remembered that content derived from an external source can slow down or stop my page working. So I simply commented out the sidebars to see the central section worked. It did, at that point I also remembered that blogshares was down.

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