I’ve been playing Blogshares for a while now. I’ve managed to accumulate a total worth of BS$ 38 million or so. Now Seyed has introduced Ideas and Artefacts:

“Ideas are commodities produced by blogs which can be bought and sold or used in the building of artefacts. Each blog produces ideas for the industries it is associated with when it is indexed. The number and value of the commodities each contributes depends on the number of incoming links and the value of its outgoing links.
Each artefacts requires 10,000 idea commodities in the industry it is associated with to produce… Artefacts can be used to conduct special actions on blogs in the industry it is associated with.”

Now, this all sounds great and I like the idea of this. My understanding is that basically Artifacts are “power up cards”; you can only have one of each, and can only use it once per 24 hours and then only on blogs in the industry associated with the Artifact. You get powers like Hostile Takeover, Hype, and PR Disaster, etc. Some of the Artifacts’ names and descriptions are highly amusing.
These things are very expensive too. It takes 10,000 ideas to make an Artifact. If you could find industries which have enough ideas that cost say $1000 each, then you could get an Artifact for $10,000,000. Most of the industries which have enough ideas however seem to already be priced at the maximum $25,000 or nearly so. Which means it’s gonna cost $250,000,000 to get an Artifact!
Unfortunately, the mega players have massive advantages as usual, some of the top players already own dozens of artifacts!
Edit: I forgot to mention that last month I achieved a rank of 179th best player (out of 8000 active players).