What a great day we’ve had today. In the morning Jamie was invited to go with Kim and Megan to see The Jungle Book 2. She jumped at the chance and Kim collected her about 10. I went out to pick up some shopping we needed.
When I got back I helped Jan out in the garden. Digging up half an old bush at the front of the house. There was rather a lot of it and I struggled to fit it in the car to take it to the tip.
After lunch, Jamie, Kim, Megan and I went to Stockport town centre for the Dancing in the Streets celebration. It was really, really good. I was very impressed with the quality of the dancing and the effort put in by the participants and organisers. There was a huge turnout, and we struggled to get a good view at times. The weather managed to stay nice too, despite the predicted rain. I took quite a few photos before the battery in the camera ran out. I’ll stick them up in the gallery later. We didn’t get to see everything, there was so much going on. But what we did see we really enjoyed. When we got back Jan had got loads done in the garden. All in all a very good day.