The Stone Monkey

I’ve just finished The Stone Monkey by Jeffery Deaver. Another great Lincoln Rhyme book. I found the feel of this one to be considerably less ‘dark’ than the earlier ones. Somehow, despite the villain being as bad or worse than earlier villains, the book just didn’t seem as scary.
Having said that though, it was a good read.
I love the attention to detail you get in this type of story (essentially a forensic science detective novel in the tradition of many other from Sherlock Holmes onwards), although some of the brilliant insights/leaps of logic were presented in the ‘wrong’ order: Lincoln studies evidence, Lincoln says “Oh! Wait a minute…”, cut to Amelia about to walk into danger, there’s a phone call or another detective turns up to save the day, followed by explanation of how Lincoln figured it out. This happened at least three times in this book, and to me it came across as it bit too formula.
Not as good as the earlier books, but still recommended.