The Subtle Knife

I’ve now finished The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. Another fantastic book. An earlier commenter mentioned that her daughter regarded them as better than Harry Potter, and you know I think she’s right. Whilst again they are not too comparable, I think there is more depth of character in this series compared to Harry Potter. It is clearly aimed at an older audience than the Harry Potter books, and so to me they are more gritty, and darker. That’s not to say I don’t like the HP books, but… apples and oranges and all that.
Anyway back to The Subtle Knife, very , good. We start off in a world much more like our own in the company of Will, a young boy, and his mother. We soon enter another world, and quickly meet up with Lyra as this is the same world which she entered at the end of the first book. The plot in this story is as I mentioned a lot darker, despite being somehow in ‘lighter’ surroundings than the first. The story races along, bringing back some old characters and introducing one or two new ones. The ending is very dramatic and suspenseful, but I shan’t say for risk of spoiling the plot.

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