Tom Holt Omnibus 2

I finished The Tom Holt Omnibus 2 this morning. There are two full novels in this omnibus and the contrast between the two could not be more pronounced. The first story: “Who’s Afraid of Beowulf?” is excellent. Typical of Holt at his best. I like his Norse/Scandanavian mythology based comedies. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second story: “My Hero” was a disappointment. It started with a reasonable premise for a comic fantasy: The characters of an author’s latest novel-in-the-making have independent lives of their own. But the story very quickly gets bogged down in it’s own novelty (pun intended), trying to introduce too many story threads, characters (literally) and sub-plots. These various elements then seem to take forever to come together, being only occasionally amusing along the way, before reaching a disappointing anti-climax.

I cannot recommend the omnibus, because half of it is a waste of time. Buy
Who’s Afraid of Beowulf? on its own instead.