Incredible Google Results and a Problem Semi-Solved

Strangeness abounds!

Firstly if you search on Google for earthquake in England my story is in fourth and fifth place!

Secondly, they are links to the comment and trackback popup pages with no content! Aaagh!

Luckily, I’ve hacked in a quick workaround which redirects to the main page with the story opened. You can find the details in the b2 forum.

1) wtf is my story about the earthquake doing turning up ahead of say, the BBCs story? (It’s a rhetorical question I know all about Blog Power)

2) Why is it that a technically ‘more correct’ link which is not intended to be used (the javascript onclick event is meant to be triggered) causes me problems? (That’s rhetorical too. I know that the real href link is there so that non-javascript browsers can still get to it).

I guess that my workaround is probably the ‘right’ thing to do. A dynamic site such as this should be able to say “Hmmm. This is an inappropriate entry point for an external referer, I’ll redirect to something more appropriate.” Unfortunately, my solution is not quite there yet.