Jam Cam Jammed

I’ve been looking for a cheap lo-res digital camera with which to take photos for this very blog. I’ve not had much luck so far. I mentioned this to Steve who remembered he had a JamCam they’d bought for Megan and which she isn’t using. OK I thought, I’ll try that.
Steve brought it round today, and I took a few snaps. In the sun, indoors, at different resolutions etc.
Much later I installed the software, installed the updated drivers, and installed the update to the application software. Three re-boots later and I’m ready to download the pictures and see what they look like.
No go! The software detects the camera, starts to download, “downloading thumbnail 1 of 16, 2 of 16…” and nothing. It sticks there and will not go any further.
I tried all kinds. I even cleared the camera, took out the smart media card, and took just one picture. Nothing. It refuses to download. I changed the battery. Nothing.
So I uninstalled the software (and Adobe PhotoDeluxe refused to uninstall) and put it back in the bag.
Sorry Steve, I know it works on your PC, but it refuses to work on mine.

I’ll keep looking.

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  1. I had the same experience a few years back and had the good fortune to talk to a tech in support (asian accent was so heavy I had trouble understanding him). Turns out that the jam cam only operates on com 1, which is occupied my the mouse (if the mouse isn’t ps2 or usb). I thought, “What genius designed that into the cotton-pickin’ thing!?). That’s probably why KB Gear, the maker of Jam Cam, is no longer in business! Anyway, I now have a different computer with a PS-2 mouse (which means com 1 is available), and my jam cam works just fine. If you need the software, let me know and I’ll zip it & send it to ya.

  2. Are you still emailing software? My father-in-law gave my son the jam cam he bought a few years ago but no software – I don’t think he ever got it to work but I’d like to give it a shot.


  3. Jam Cam is defunked, but the drivers are availble for free download at
    [Link removed as I’m getting reports of the site containing spyware, etc.]

  4. Hello, I’ve been searching for “JamCam” software…If you could help me out,I would be forever in your dept…Well anyway,if you can great, if not i can understand,you must be tired of these requests. More importantly,Happy Holidays to You&Yours, Stay Cool, Sue

  5. i too have had several problems with my jam cam. it seems as though after the company went out of buisness it just quit working for anyone, and the drivers seem to be unavailable anywhere. well i noticed that in your post you said something to the effect of you had installed the new drivers and updates. could you e-mail me and tell me where to get thoes from. or even e-mail them to me. i would be very gratefull. thanks.

  6. thought i’d won the lottery when i was given a jam cam 3.0. but found that the setup disk was dammaged, can anybody help me please.

  7. i too am in need of jam cam software can you please email me some information on how to get software and drivers. you wii save the life of my canon from my childrens use.
    thanks tw

  8. I have lost my Jamcam installation disk could you please help me as i have photos of my first grandchild to download and cannot get them thankyou very much Jan

  9. well, i also need the software for jam cam 🙂 funny huh…please please please email it to me…. Thanks! in advance!

  10. Please help me out!
    Lost the jam cam disk and desperately need software.
    Thanks for your tim

  11. Ryan, you could try being a little more polite. The little words ‘please’ and ‘thankyou’ work wonders. It also helps if you wait a little more than 3 minutes before asking again.

    Anyway, I don’t have the software (nor the camera). If you had read the page from the top you would see that. You would also see a link someone provided to a site which does have the software, and also a message from someone who offered to mail the software.
    I hope this helps,

  12. i have jam cam but i lost the software to it and my friend told me to ask you if you could email it to me.
    thanks very much i hope you can help me.

  13. John, my site does not so much as host a single banner ad let alone spyware!
    Maybe you clicked on one of the links provided by my commenters.
    Those sites may do just what you describe but I do not.
    I have not encountered any problems on those sites when I last looked, but then again I only use Mozilla-based browsers so I do not have such problems with spyware.
    Otherwise I presume this is a wind up.

  14. Hmm, I’m getting tons of spyware and ad-ware from your site too, when I try to download the software. Hmm.

  15. Mickey and all, please understand THERE IS NO SOFTWARE ON MY SITE!
    If you go to download the software you are NOT ON MY SITE!
    I am now going to REMOVE THE LINKS!

  16. Could someone please help me find the download for the jam cam 3.0 software? I also lost mine and dearly miss not being able to use it. Thank you so much.

  17. Add me to the list of people with no software who want it. If I could get it, that would be great.


  19. I have lost the software to my Jam cam3.0 camera. Can you help me find a copy or send me a copy? Randy

  20. almost perfect handle, though, it should be sloasscomputerilliteratedave, tooo many letters especially since I am sooo “slo.” anyways… same ol story, got the jam, but no toast, butter, p-butter, or even a cup of coffee, which even makes me slower! took me 3 days on this puter to find out it was called a jammer cammer. anyhoo sure would like to find out if this cuntrapshun works, but, hey???what happen to the disk??? ! — please, Thanks!!! slodave123@hotmail.com or sloassdave@yahoo thx, again.

  21. could you please email the software for my jamcam 3.0 the greg one i lost the dick and my daughter firt ruby game is on it and i cant get them off the cam.
    please help me

  22. I have a jam cam 3.0 as well I lost the install disc in a move. I need the drivers for it. Can anyone send me a zip disc of the install disc

  23. Found this via google..I lost my disc for jamcam 3.0 if possible can someone send me the software.Thanks in advance.

  24. Hello – all – fellow JAMCAMMERS – I myself ran across a jamcam 3.0 at a thrift store just today! I know the internet – found a support site:
    you have to register – they send you an email and your in the door – Download drivers and .pdf manuals!
    Already have my little jammer jamming pixs on the c: drive
    Good Luck=;0)-Trixie

  25. My grandson broke the cd that contains the drivers for my Jamcam 3 and I am going in circles trying to find drivers that WORK. I recently installed a new hard drive and have installed Windows ME. I need to obtain correct drivers AND instructions for installation for a ‘Dumb Blonde.’ Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  26. PS . . . I tried to get drivers from the (generic) Jamcam site, but can’t seem to get them to send me a password so that I have access. Thanks again!

  27. I lost my disk for my jam cam to install it…is there any way you can send me over the internet the disk to install

  28. hi.

    i cant find the software for this camera!!!!!!! me and my brother erased the computers hardrive, so i dont have it anymore and i cant find it anywhere on the internet! please help.

  29. I am in need of the JAM CAM software/download. Please inform how to access, preferably for free.
    Thanks, Bruce

  30. i need the software too buddy, i can’t find my disc for it newhere. be a pal and send it to me too?

  31. I too, need JamCam 3.0 software – I’m not sure if anybody is getting it from here.. but if people are I’d MUCH appreciate any help I can get. Please email me info on how to obtain a copy of the software.

    thanks in advance.

  32. I need USB driver for Jam cam 3.0. I have look every were and none seem to work can you send it to me. I had problem installing driver on my last computer two years ago.

  33. Hey Mike,
    I attempted to contact carl re: the Jam Cam and my mail was returned. Any other ideas?

  34. I have a JamCam 3.0 digital camera with manual, USB cable, and software. The camera has never been used and is in excellent condition. If anyone is interested in purchasing this digital camera, please e-mail me.


  35. Hi- It looks as if I am in the same boat as everyone else…someone gave me the jam cam and I have had no luck finding the software…Can someone please help. Thanks

  36. Hi, I also have a cam Jam , but I have the 2.0 soft ware and need the 3.0 version in order to get the 3.0 update to work.
    All help will be gretly appreciated.Thanks again.

  37. I bought a jam cam 2.0 couple years ago when i had windows 98. Now i have windows xp home. Iplugged in th camera in the usb port and windows detected it just fine. However it asked me for the software.
    I’m stuck. Aren’t the drivers supposed to install and be able to use any TWAIN software to download
    the pictures? Anyway I’m hunting for the install CD in my historic pile in my attic. I’ll keep u guys posted

  38. I have the Jamcam 3.0 disk and i am willing to copy and send to anyone
    who needs it but i must tell you i have the camera and it seems to be
    useless with windows xp i can not get the drivers to install.
    but if you would like a copy you can email me at

  39. Hey everyone!…i’ve been wanting a digital camera so i can put my pictures on the computer soo bad! but then…i remembered that i have my jamcam, but i have windows xp now and i dont know if it will work, and i ALSO lost my disk!!!!:(:(:( i want to put pictures on here soooo bad! somebody, please help me or send me something that they think will help this! if you do i will LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! Plllleeaaaassseee!:(

  40. I have a jam cam have used many times and love it but got this new computer and now
    want let me download my disk for it I dowloaded once but photos would not download in comuter so I uninstalled
    and now putter says can find even when put my disk in the disk I have has driver and all on it that I need
    but can’t get it to work on this computer can someone help I would be glad to share my disk with anyone if can get it to dowload and work with this computter have a compaq Persario computer now did have gateway that
    this worked on fine

  41. Wow, I am currently searching for my Jam Cam 2.0 software…no luck.
    I searched on yahoo for jam cam software and this site came up first.
    It’s like a club for people that lost the software. Well if anyone has it
    and is kind enough to email it to me, id greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  42. I see after looking for drivers for this jamcam 3.0 i was given from a buddy, that everyone with this camera was in the same boat as me.Personally,i expected camera to be a non working piece of junk like alot of stuff buddy would pass on to me in the past but figured i owe it a try so after finding the drivers and setup program from the internet and a pretty fresh installed 9-volt battery and little bit of out of ordinary hardware installing,found this little cheapo actually works and even on my windows xp pro system so only thing left is to download the manual showing how to use this little booger.Good luck ya’ll–Steve

  43. I have the CD on the camera and will mail a copy for $5. Email me for street address

    Edit: retnREMOVEavydoREMOVEgwv AT yahoo DOT com. Remove the remove to email him

  44. Mike, the Jam Cam 3.0 software will only download photos that have been captured in the “r2” mode of recording. After turning on the camera, press the right side button on the back of the camera three times until the screen reads “r1”. Then, press the left side button once in order to choose the “r2” mode of capture.
    Tech support said the “r1” mode is not compatible with the original software and they were working on an update. As I recall the resolution setting for “r1” mode is super low.
    The camera works fine in the “r2” mode, but only takes eight photos without a memory card.
    By the way, it eats batteries fast, so turn it off unless you’re ready to use it. The cam will automatically turn off after about four minutes, if you forget.

  45. I cant seem to find this guys email adress for the software, can you send it to me so i can get it from him? Thanks

  46. I have a Jam Cam 3.0 which worked fine with Windows ME, but I have upgraded to Windows XP and I cannotdownload from the camera anymore. I have a friend who did the same thing and has the same problem. Is there a fix for the software that you know about and where can I get it since KB is out of business. Appreciate any help you can give.

  47. Hi my problem is that windows will not accept the jam cam into xp
    has anyone solved this problem
    thankx tom

  48. hello i have windows 98se and i got a jamcam but dont have the insalation disc could you send it to me? that would be great thanx kenny

  49. i need the installaton software, for my jam cam 3.0 don’t be bad, and
    send it to my e mail i got a lot pictures to download

  50. My jam cam 3.0 will download with Adobe Software (PhotoDelux). It will
    also down load into my hp photosmart 7660 I’m fairly sure, directly
    from the port. But what I KNOW will work for certain is the Multi Media
    card on the HP 7660 and the HP software. My problem is figuring
    out how to get a ScanDisk 64 to work in the camera . It seems to get
    jammed! Plus, the MMC will not read the addition memory. Does anyone
    know how to work with a memory card on this camera? The mannual is not
    very clear. Lorraine Jones

  51. pls. send me the driver for jam cam 3.0 i have a jamcam but i cant use eversince buying it. i’m using windows xp..thanks..

  52. Please, I have windows 98.

    I bought a used Jamcam 3.0 but it did not have the CD to set it up on my computer. If someone could please email me the software to install it, I would be forever grateful. The camera is useless to me w/o the software.
    I got the camera for my daughter who has cancer. She would enjoy taking pictures to display on the computer. She doesn’t have long to live, so if someone could hurry up and send it, it would make her last days happy.


  53. I’m giving you guys an update here. So far, the support site has not sent anything to my e-mail. I’m checking back in the morning, but for now, I suggest using something other then yahoo for the registration.

  54. I have a jamcam and i lost the cd and i have pics of my old house that was ran into by a car and i need to take that basterd to cort so. plese help me


  56. I also can not find the software to my jamcam
    Is there anyone who could help me out please
    I refuse to give up and have to buy an expensive
    camera without at least trying to get my jamcam
    to work

  57. ummm lol i had a jamcam given to me from a friend that couldn’t get it to work i thought i would give it a go i have the cam and the usb cord need the download of the cd if any one can help thank ya

  58. I have the software that came with the Jamcam 3.0 , but now that i have windows XP it won’t work, I tryed to download drivers but maybe I’m doing it wrong. Can you please help me sort things out. Thanks

  59. I had a jam cam a few years back, but it got lost in the shuffle of moving a few times….but i was able to save my pics and i loaded them onto my new computer and the files are mix files and i can’t get photoshop or anything else to open them up. i can see the preveiw in the preview window…do you know of a program that will open the mix files? thanks!!!P.W

  60. I have the JamCam 3.0 KG-JC3S – and no software to extract the photos from the Camera with

    Please email the 3.0 jamcam software to install the Jamcam with I have not found the proper drivers or software on the other sites such as http://thejamcam.com

  61. Could you please send me the software for a JamCam 3.0. A friend of mine would like to use it but he does not have the software.


  62. Hi, I’m also looking for updated driver/software for JamCam 3.0. My software downloads, but when I try “Get Photo” from “JamCam,” the program and USB device do not communicate. Instead I get the error message (“JamCamTwain”), “Please verify to see if your JamCam Camera is turned on and is plugged into the serial or USB port.” Can you please help? Thank you!

  63. jamcam.com is apparently a spyware site. I have registered there 2 separate times about 2 weeks apart and they’ve never sent the link to either email addresses I registered with. Sorry to be a downer but thought I might save someone the trouble.

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