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I’ve been playing about with my style sheet. No, not on the live server, on the server at home. I’m trying to get rid of some dubious stuff, pixel sizes, absolute positioning, etc.

It looks ok in Mozilla, but Internet Explorer is giving me trouble. I can’t seem to find anywhere to specifiy the default font size in IE, only the font face. Hmmm Strange.

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  1. Well, the CSS spec states that the default font size is… {font-size: medium;}. What is exactly the problem? Remember that you should be working from whatever the visitor has set in their browser, using font-size: medium as the default, then managing with x-small, small, large, x-large etc, or percentage points based on the inherited (parent) value.

    The entry for Wednesday 21 August 2002 at http://www.meyerweb.com may shed a little light on the problem. If not, it’s another hilarious goof by Microsoft to laugh at in exasperated derision over breakfast one morning…

  2. Steve,
    my problem is that I don’t know where in IE I can specify what the default font size is.
    I click on Tools -> Internet Options
    then Fonts. I can specifiy the font face for Web pages and plain text. But I can’t specify that I want the default to be say 10pt.

  3. Right click on the IE toolbar, where the home and reload buttons are. In the menu that pops up go to customize and then you can add buttons. One of those is an “A” looking thing to change your font size.. Is that what you need? You won’t see “customize” on the menu if you have the toolbar locked..

    Thanks for the copy of b2. I needed to set it up for someone I’m hosting and they were getting antsy.

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