Which decade?

I went looking for the Hammicks bookshop website tonight. I use their store in my local shopping centre and wanted to see if they had a particular book in stock.
When I found their site at http://www.hammicks-bookshops.co.uk/ I thought I’d slipped through a worm hole in the space/time continuum and ended up in 1996! I’ve not seen a commercial web site so bad for a long time! Yet if you follow the links to ‘their’ Legal Bookshop it’s a completely different story.
Their main site has clearly been written by a staff member who cannot be bothered to open any of the many HTML books they sell!
I’m not usually so negative about anything, but this really is poor.

PS: They don’t even have a list of books they sell online. There is a form through which you can order books, but you have to go and find the details yourself. Presumably on another bookstore’s website!