Start ’em young

This evening I also helped Thom, my grandson, get set up with a Blogger! account hosted on Blog*Spot. It all went pretty smoothly. It’s pretty easy to use for the non-technical person and Thom is ten years old.
He also wanted to have pictures in his blog but Blog*Spot don’t allow that. So we also set up a 50MB Tripod account. So now he can upload pictures to his tripod account and reference them on his blog. Cool!
I think he’ll also end up learning some HTML and doing some pages on his tripod account too.

2 thoughts on “Start ’em young

  1. Thanks, Jason, I hadn’t thought of that.
    But I just checked and it does seem to be working OK.
    Mind you, although we signed up through tripod we actually got a lycos account.
    So maybe that’s the difference.

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