Tonight, or rather last night now that it's past midnight. Four normally sane adults spent more than five hours putting together a 777 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle. It was all Steve's fault: he'd bought it cheap earlier in the day and brought it out with flourish saying "We'll have it done in an hour."
Yeah right!

Here are some of the photos.

Easy start

08240004.jpg 08240006.jpg 08240010.jpg
Some bits went together really easy lots of details helps  

Then it got Tricky

But then we got to the bits that were mostly brown, with little bits of brown in them...

08240007.jpg 08240008.jpg 08240009.jpg
08240005.jpg 08240011.jpg 08240012.jpg
08240017.jpg 08240014.jpg 08240015.jpg

More Brown bits

08240013.jpg 08240016.jpg 08240018.jpg
08240019.jpg 08240031.jpg 08240032.jpg
08240020.jpg 08240030.jpg 08240024.jpg

Final Construction

And then we'd done all the major pieces and final construction could begin

08240027.jpg 08240028.jpg 08240021.jpg
08240035.jpg 08240038.jpg 08240040.jpg
08240036.jpg 08240037.jpg 08240039.jpg
08240043.jpg 08240044.jpg 08240045.jpg


This thing is huge!

08240047.jpg 08240050.jpg 08240051.jpg
08240053.jpg 08240057.jpg

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